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Libertarian Vs. Authoritarian: The Real History Of The Left/Right Paradigm (Part 2)

Finally! Part 2!

"Modern libertarianism is derived from the ideas of the 'classical liberal' movement, which began in the 17th century with writers such as John Locke and later Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, and Frédéric Bastiat, just to name a few. These classical liberals believed that individual liberty should be maximized by recognition of self-ownership and private property rights. They also understood that government is always destructive of freedom, and should be limited in scope and nature.

Many of us take this for granted, but this was revolutionary (and often 'treasonous') talk in a world of kings, nobles, state-granted monopolies, politicized economic controls, crippling taxes, and constant wars that had more to do with business interests than with the people actually dying in them. In that mercantilist world, you were considered a 'subject,' not a 'citizen,' of whatever government you lived under. You did not own your own body. Your property could be taken at any moment by the whim of a king or baron or even a soldier. You could be kidnapped, given a gun/sword/spear and a uniform, and be sent around the world or just two miles down the road to kill and conquer people that never harmed you. Or, your land could be invaded and you and your family killed because some king wanted your land. This was life for the vast majority of people that have ever lived. . ."

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And here's Part 1 if you missed it:

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