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Shutdown showdown widened GOP-tea party rift

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republicans' clear defeat in the budget-debt brawl has widened the rift between the Grand Old Party and the blossoming tea party movement that helped revive it.

Implored by House Speaker John Boehner to unite and "fight another day" against President Barack Obama and Democrats, Republicans instead intensified attacks on one another, an ominous sign in advance of more difficult policy fights and the 2014 midterm elections.

The tea party movement spawned by the passage of Obama's health care overhaul three years ago put the GOP back in charge of the House and in hot pursuit of the law's repeal. The effort hit a wall this month in the budget and debt fight, but tea partyers promised to keep up the effort.


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Point of contention

(for the unfamiliar)

"The tea party movement spawned by the passage of Obama's health care overhaul three years ago.."

The origin of the modern Tea Party arguably goes to 9/11 Truth on 12/16/2006 at Boston Harbor

and then the r3V0_|ution's great 07 event : D

Onward liberty lovers!

Yep, that's what I was going

Yep, that's what I was going to say!

Eviscerating the crappy old

Eviscerating the crappy old neo-con GOP was one of the goals of my vote for Obama.

No WW3, Check.
Eviscerate GOP after making Romney lose, Check.
Impeach and try Obama for treason,?.

Why is there no, 'rift,'

Why is there no, 'rift,' within the Democratic party? Shouldn't there be one?

At least some republicans have the nuts to challenge their own party, and the president too.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

We are NOT going away, the GOP's Old Guard is doomed!

Ron Paul spent a lifetime trying to educate the masses about liberty, including us, and encouraged us to get involved. Let’s make Ron Paul proud of what we learned from him.

We can make the difference, ..we are the future!

Bump your candidate everywhere! The Democrats are just as vulnerable on the ObamaCare issue as the Grand Old Republican Guard is.

Be positive, get involved, stay focused, make a difference! Let’s all come together as we did for Ron Paul and make this happen!

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RINO Season

Lock and Load! It's time for a purge!

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Divide and conquer. Keep the heat on.