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Guy Points a Toy Gun at Voters to Demonstrate How Taxation / Voting is Essentially Force (VIDEO)

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how does not voting help?

I don't see how not voting helps. Even if the vast majority don't vote it is not like the government is going to disappear, most people already don't vote anyway, yet they keep taxing and spending us into oblivion, so it doesn't seem to bother them that they don't have popular support. Even if you are a full on anarcho capitalist, when a minarchist like Ron Paul is running why not vote and caucus? What do you have to lose? It doesn't require that much time or effort and we can all agree that if minarchists were in power it would be far better than our current situation so arguably it is worth the potential reward to participate. I fully agree that taxes are theft but what is the solution? I think Ron Paul demonstrated that one of the best ways to move forward is by using the system to gain a platform that can't be completely ignored in order to educate people. We need more politicians like that and they need people like us to vote for them in order to get elected, that way maybe we could gradually try to change the government into a voluntary association over time by changing minds. I remember Ron Paul saying that the government shouldn't be able to do anything that individual people themselves couldn't rightfully do. Those are the kind of ideas we need to spread, if we can utilize some government office to do so why wouldn't we?

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Love the video! But would you explain something to me?

I have sincerely never understood the agorist position.

Haven't there been examples of voting actually changing things? I'm thinking, for example, of the Socialists in the USA back in the 1920's. They never got more than, I think, about 12% of the vote. But the Democrats, salivating over that 12%, adopted their Socialist positions, with the result that they are all implemented today.

So only 12% of the voters ended up having a huge impact.

In a similar way, libertarian ideas are now making huge inroads into the Republican party. We are beginning to see just a hint of a spine and some balls. There are still many bums that still need to be thrown out (McCain, McConnell, Lindsey Graham, etc), but this will take some time and work.

The voters in Ron Paul's District 14 in Texas have also had a huge impact. Yes, the socialists, authoritarians, and corporate welfare pigs are going to do everything they can to oppose that change. Do you expect them to give up without a fight? Yes, they won last time. They screwed Ron Paul. But are you sure they will win next time? Every time?

I'm willing to listen to your logic, but you have to articulate it in a meaningful way other than saying "Don't vote".

I'd rather be a hungry patriot than a satisfied slave.

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I like it