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Needs a bit of editing

Under "2nd - Loan Money"...I think you meant "Offer TO (not 'the') develop the..(either) country's or countries' (you must indicate the possessive) infrastructure.

"6th - What if Economic Hit Men Fail?" Once again, correct for either the singular possessive form, 'country's' or the plural possessive form, countries' in the sentence "kill the countries leader"

"Corporation get major contracts to rebuild" should be either "corporations get" or "corporation gets".

In the definition of "Corporatocracy" you say, "serves the interests of, or is ran by, major corporations." It should be "is RUN by, major corporations."

Changes made

Thank you for putting in the time to list the mistakes.



I also enjoyed Perkin's book

I also enjoyed Perkin's book but be aware there have been serious attacks on the authenticity of his narrative and I wouldn't want to see your position attacked on that basis. You should present the book with that caveat so no one can accuse you of spreading disinfo.


Always a good policy. Thanks Bill. I included a message encouraging students to read the book and then read the criticism to better develop an opinion.

I read

that book and this is an excellent presentation, great job.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I've always meant to ask...

Is there a way to change the Michigan icon behind the post? It looks like a dinosaur hatching from an egg.