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In neo-feudalistic America, always go long serfdom.

The Carlyle Group’s Latest Investment …Trailer Parks

The economic tide keeps going out. Prices relentlessly march upward. The dollar buys less and less. More find mobile homes the only alternative. As the Fed continues to print away, to undermine the core of the economy, the middle class slips a little more each year toward serfdom. Those who have access to the easy money from the Federal Reserve find profits to be had in the increasingly marginalized.

The Washington-based company has struck a deal to acquire two Florida communities for a total of $30.8 million. The sellers are two entities managed by Shamrock Holdings LLC, a Paradise Valley, Ariz., owner and operator of communities, said owner Patrick O'Malley. The deal is expected to close this month.

Carlyle declined to comment. But analysts said the deal is evidence that big investors are betting that the demand for low-cost manufactured housing, the latest generation of trailers or mobile homes, will rise as other housing alternatives become too expensive for a number of Americans, especially senior citizens.



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Way to title an OP

I was looking at the same old shiite, until I saw that headline.

good stuff