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Hilarious! Compilation of Cats Stealing Dog Beds

Hilarious! Compilation of Cats Stealing Dog Beds

If you love kitties and dogs this is all too funny...


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I tell Sugar...

..(my bipedal sweetie), and Milli (our quadrupedal deity), that I, the Great and Powerful Lethargy Lad, am master of all who live and breathe in this house (except for Sugar and Milli). They sleep where they wish, and if I am very good, with me.

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I Just Love Animals - They Are Sinless Creatures

Animals are good for our souls... God inspired Adam to go into the garden and give names to all of the animals...

Never, ever mistreat animals!

..."and God said, "let us create all of the creatures that creepeth on the earth and also those that reside in the oceans and God said this was good." ~ Scripture

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E - this is now going viral in Taiwan

I loved it. Showed it to my wife Samantha, and she sent it out to all her friends in Taiwan.

You made people smile and laugh and feel good on the other side of the world.


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WOW! I'm Shocked!

Tell your lovely wife I love her for that... She must be a really wonderful woman...

Thanks for posting Michael

Go Bosox!


That was really

cute, thanks for sharing this.

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Cats Believe in Timeshares

Cats take turns based on time, unlike dogs who divide stuff by territory.

But cats will sleep with anyone warm, on the backs of horses, TV's, and car hoods.

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I think I get it, the dogs are the good capitalists

who took a risk and allocated funds for investment and the evil liberal cats are coming to take it from them.

Hey if it isn't that, what's it doing here?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

All Hail

... The Mighty Hermit Crab

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Not a Care in the World... Awesome.

GREAT share! Maybe i should get a cat for my dog -- the interaction is PRICELESS. I love the cat SPRAWLED on his back stretching out across the whole pillow.


Lazy pets, most likely lazy owners lol

I had several dogs and they never had a 'bed'...wtf is wrong with people?

Sure, maybe a blanket. Carpet was always good enough.



..where you have to sleep in the afterlife.

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