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The de-Americanisation of the world has begun - emergence of solutions for a multipolar world by 2015

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Wed, 16 Oct 2013 09:48 CDT

It's one of those times when history accelerates. Whatever the outcome of the negotiations on the shutdown and debt ceiling, October 2013 is one of them. It's the deadlock too far which has opened the eyes of those who still support the United States. A leader is followed when he is believed, not when he is ridiculous.

"Building a de-Americanised world": this statement would have raised a smile a few years ago. At most it would have passed for provocation by Hugo Chavez. But when we are seeing the United States' bankruptcy in real-time and it's an official Chinese press agency that says so (1), the impact isn't the same. In reality, it's describing out loud a process which is already well underway: simply, it's now allowed to speak about it in public. At least US government deadlock has the merit of loosening tongues (2). Let there be no mistake, this analysis hasn't appeared in the Chinese media by chance, and it reflects Beijing's hardening tone.

In fact, if the whole world is holding its breath before this pathetic game of the US elite; it's not out of compassion, it's to avoid being swept away in the fall of the world's first power. Everyone is trying to free itself from American influence and let go of a United States permanently discredited by recent events over Syria, tapering, shutdown and now the debt ceiling. The legendary US power is now no more than a nuisance and the world has understood that it's time to de-Americanise.

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Sure, let's de-Americanize

Sure, let's de-Americanize the world so we can all become more like the Chinese. Great idea.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

that could constitute

A downvote around here lol


I was going to share

but could think of no one that could handle this info except our friends here. Most of my family and friends have their heads buried in the sand even though most do not support Bo.

The fall of the American Empire Couldn't happen soon enough.

The evil maniacal sub human nature of the ruling elite and government psychopaths is advertised by their propaganda mainstream media. MSM is always blatantly advertising for more war, subjugation of the American people and people of the world. The US monetary policy alone is killing millions of people worldwide.


and tragic when realizing the un-necessity of such folly

I voted this up.

However, I am still my own individual and will stand for Liberty, no matter what the majority/outcome may be.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Good write.