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Debt Increased $300 Bil In 102 Days Feb-may This Year. Now, Debt Increased $328 Bil In One Day

Holy Cow! this is just sinking in for me! Just read a Daily Mail article (link below) that between February to May this year, our debt went up $300 billion and the new debt ciling increase bill has no limit on how much can be spent. Ben Swann posted an article yesterday that our U.S. debt jumped $328 BILLION IN ONE DAY! The spending has gone into overdrive!


"Surpise! Debt-ceiling deal gives Obama a blank check: Loophole will allow government to spend WITHOUT LIMIT until February"



US Debt Jumps A Record $328 Billion In One Day – Debt Now Over $17 Trillion

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Sorry for my type-os. I was

Sorry for my type-os. I was just so floored at the enormity of this, I forgot to check my entry. I had read earlier today about the $300 billion from February to May so when I saw $328 billion in one day, I was shocked!