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This was on ESPN today. I posted it on facebook. Watch the video. Read the comments.

Video: http://deadspin.com/lee-corso-picks-fsu-dons-chief-osceola-g...

Comments from a Native American:

Comment 1: Ya know, every time you see people debating the mascot issue the Seminoles get brought up. The logic is that since they are okay, even going so far as to have blessing ceremonies, then everybody should be okay, all schools. Never mind the fact that in very few instances are the actors that portray Osceola treated with any type of respect or honor. It's clear in this video, even before getting to the desk, that his presence is a mockery, the jeering, the laughing. On top of that the real Osceola probably would not have wanted his image used in such a manner, this was a great warrior who made his name fighting white expansion, fighting the United States, now he's being used to help make money by the white team owners. It's a shame, even more so when you get down to the high school and elementary school level and you see the rednecks yelling at the kids, calling them squaws, savages, encouraging their sons to kill them, to scalp them. How can anyone say this is a good thing? Really?

Comment 2: I grew up going to native schools, and my girls go to one, it f%@kin' sucks all the racist s#it the opposing teams say to the players, plus the parades where they have signs that say they're gonna force the ndnz back to the rez or have depictions of natives getting killed, this in the era when people get sent home because of pretend guns made with using fingers or for bringing butter knives in their lunchboxes, it's like they're so focused on keeping violence out of schools yet have no problems when it comes to portraying violence towards natives.......... yeah, but every time I get into debates there is always that one ndn, ya know, not from ndn country but thinks they speak for all natives sayin' 'well I don't have a problem with it'..... ugh

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Skol Vikings!

Up North (bump)

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

Not just sports teams

Anything that mocks a race.


Sports teams are named after people, animals, groups and things for their admirable qualities. Nobody names their teams after people and things they have low opinion of. You are being quite silly and illogical. :)

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Red Sox, White Sox, Expos, Buckeyes, Astros, Mets, Philies


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The "Sox" teams were

The "Sox" teams were literally named after their color of stockings or socks. They were not making fun of footwear.

The Expos were named after a World's Fair. They were not ridiculing the Fair. Apparently they had respect and honor for it and were proud they hosted a World's Fair.

Buckeyes are HARD AS HECK to crack open. Again, no disrespect here either.

The Astros were named after astronauts. Astronauts are universally admired.

The Phillies were named after the city of Philadelphia. Most Philadelphians seem proud of their city and I seriously doubt they named the team out of ridicule, low-opinion or scorn.

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Are schools private businesses?


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I like this one:

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The only way for most people to understand why this is offensive is to create an analogy for them.... So here's one... Imagine this...

Many Americans are sensitive about the tragedy that happened with 911... So a soccer team in Afghanistan that is all Muslim names their team the "911'ers" or The "Kabul Infadels". At game day they all dress up in business suits, stuff their bellies to make them look fat, put white face paint on, and carry suitcases. Their mascot is the stereotypical wealthy but fat unhealthy American family (kinda like the exaggerated face on the Cleveland Indians face). When the opposing team scores, a fake explosion goes off and the Afghani family with white face painted in fat suits all falls down and acts dead. The owner of the team and many of the people of Afghanistan support this by saying its honoring the victims of 9/11.... So there's an analogy most Americans can understand. When you are dealing with tragedies of the past its best not to honor those wronged in the tragedy by making them mascots so people can make a mockery of them... If this happened in Afghanistan or Pakistan it would be all over the news and people all over the US would be pissed like how dare they disrespect us like that... same

I just read that in one of my NDN facebook groups

Are you in there? LOL!