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Denver International Airport Parking Lots Consider Measures To Stop Bunnies From Attacking Cars - CBS4 Denver


DENVER (CBS4)- It’s a problem that plagues passengers who park at Denver International Airport- bunnies are causing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in damage to cars.

The rabbits eat the wires under the hood.

The USDA Wildlife Service is removing at least 100 bunnies every month but the problem persists.

“I see at least dozens every morning. They go hide under the cars and the cars are warm,” said airport shuttle driver Michelle Anderson.

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Ever see what a panda can do to the vinyl seats in a Camaro


It was probably the pandas.

DIA is creepy. There are a

DIA is creepy. There are a ton of conspiracy theories about it:


i've heard it's also built on an indian burial ground.

And their bunnies are addicted to a.c. freon...

or perhaps it's that electric jolt from the wires...


It was probably the pandas.

When I Saw This Headline

I was trying to decide if it was an Onion article or not. I guessed "no". When I clicked on it and saw "Chris Cudnoski" I assumed I was wrong (though it turned out I wasn't). Just thought you'd want to know that Cudnoski - lol.

Yeah. I know.

But it was linked in a 'popular science' article so I thought it must be important.

It was probably the pandas.

Bunnies can have rewarding careers doing black / wet ops

for the CIA! (Michael Hastings, nibble your heart out....)

What would the Founders do?

Looks devastating.


It was probably the pandas.

Do you think this shit is funny?

Are you some kind of heartless bastard? Hundreds die every year.

It was probably the pandas.

mountaincat's picture

All they need

is some rabid foxes.


I obviously need to watch the news more...

Check out the image at 2:19. 'Fluffy?' WTF?

It was probably the pandas.