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Since we're talking bunnies this a.m. - check out the buns at chemical weapons plant in Japan

"Rabbit Island" in Japan was the site of a chemical weapons plant during WWII. Some say the bunnies were for testing and released by workers after the war. Now a national park & tourist attraction with museum, hotel, golf course, camping, beach, etc. Hundreds run up to visitors waiting for treats, particularly in the winter months when food is less plentiful.


http://kotaku.com/bunny-island-is-cute-furry-and-depressing-... More detail & pictures of buildings with descriptions & history






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OMG. And when the radiation hits it will be

NIGHT OF THE LEAPUS. Run for your lives!


When Neo goes to see The Oracle and is in the room with the kids waiting, Night Of The Lepus is playing on the TV in the background.

Q. do you know what you get when you pour hot water ..

down a rabbit hole?

A. hot, cross, bunnies.

(One of my children saw this joke in one of the magazines)

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