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All In The Family (Post Office Buildings for Sale )

The US has entered into a contract with a real estate firm to sell 56 buildings that currently house U.S. Post Offices. The government has decided it no longer needs these buildings, many of which are located on prime land in towns and cities across the country.

The sale of these properties will fetch billions of dollars and a handsome 6% commission to the company handling the sales. That company belongs to a man named Richard Blum. Who is Richard Blum you ask?

Why the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein, that's who. What a bunch of crooks we have running this country!

Senator Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum, stand to make a fortune. His firm, C.R. I., is the sole real estate company offering these properties for sale. Of course, C.R.I. will be making a 6% commission on the sale of each and every one of these postal properties.


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It is like watching...

a soap opera, but funny thing is...it doesn't even make the National Inquirer.

Conflict of interest? YES

Repercussions? For us there would be, but then again isn't that the structure and purpose?

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Photos of Dirty Dianne...

And hubby, the Dick.
Isn't it nice that we, the taxpayers, get nothing back, but this couple acquires even more and more cash?
Jeez Louise!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

un-indicted felons

un-indicted felons

Basilica of St. Josaphat, Milwaulkee: P.O. deal of the century!

Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Richard Blum has territorial contract to sell those parcels? Don't buy! Pay Mr Blum nothing. Pay the U. S. Postal Service ®,Incorporated nothing. Give them notice to vacate or pay. These building are not for vultures to prey! Envision a higher purpose... The highest & best use... [in real estate & religious vernacular]

Lease directly from the U. S. Government. Let the U. S. Government inform Richard Plum that his service are no longer needed. The U. S. Government restarted dormant operations & plans to stay in business after all.

========= The Church Built from Recycled Post Office Material ======
The history of this church is certainly a lesson in perseverance and relying on God’s grace. The first St. Josaphat’s was built in 1888 and destroyed by fire within a year. A second church took its place, but was declared too small for the rapidly growing Polish population. The St. Josaphat’s we now have was planned in 1895, the first cornerstone laid in 1897, and eventually dedicated in 1901. Father Wilhelm Grutza, who oversaw the entire project from inception to completion, passed away five weeks after the dedication.

As you can imagine, Polish immigrants coming to Milwaukee at the turn of the century had little money to give to St. Josaphat’s construction efforts. The community scraped together what they could. Additionally, the parishioners did most of the excavating (by hand and horse power) and building, such as mixing and pouring the cement.

One of the most interesting facts about this church is where the building materials came from. Given the relative financial poverty of the parish, the church was looking for any deal they could find. In 1896, Father Grutza learned that the Chicago Post Office and Customs House was being demolished due to unstable construction. Built for $4 million [tax revenue], Father Grutza paid $20,000 for the salvaged materials and had them transported to Milwaukee on 500 railroad cars. The entire building was redesigned to work with the new materials, almost none of which went to waste. All of the sandstone was used to construct the church, and the plans were redone to incorporate the columns from the post office. The railings from the post office were incorporated into the choir lofts. Even the doors were taken; you can still see the post office insignia on the knobs.

[Note: 6% sales commission for just the seller agent is a swindle sure as...
Even 3% commission for seller agent on prime commercial deals is... Unspeakable.]

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Don't hold back. Tell us what you really think!

Unfortunately, your definition of Democrats could apply to many Republicans also.

Well technically he will only

Well technically he will only get 3% before taxes and expenses because of the commission split with the buyers agent. Hope that makes ya feel better!

True "Justice" one day will be meted out!

"Riches profit not in the day of wrath"

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Wealth is not the problem.

Wealth is not the problem. Term limits are necessary to choke off the possibility of corruption like this. Even if exposed to the wider public, we've seen it again and again, Californians don't care about this stuff.