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CNN - Propaganda by Inundation Brainwash Technique Amber Lyons interview with AJ


Thanks to the person who posted this link in the Reddit / CNN DP post....

This information is damning, what we all knew was going on, but yah they are exposed and this information needs to be used in advance of 2016 election cycle to discredit this non credible news source.

Spread it around. Put it on Facebook etc. This needs to go viral. People need to realize they are being lead down the wrong path and they need to start thinking for themselves.

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This interview is from 9.29.2012 btw

just fyi

Amber Lyons is a hypocrite.

She pushed for government intervention in a sham documentary aimed at Craigslist for CNN. Even alternative media smacked her on it. Then she makes a pro war documentary about Bahrain. Now she's screaming about propaganda? She WAS the propaganda.

Provide documentation or I'll

Provide documentation or I'll assume you are with "The Network" with comments like that.

Be Your Own Media!!!

I'm Mad As Hell!



Now compare to what stunts CNN has played out.
You remember what they showed over and over and over again, and occasionally still do. They led us into Iraq. And they showed us that the people wanted to be "liberated".

Well I would go out on a limb and say that some generals got ahold of some psyops in the Army over there in Bagdad and staged a photo op.

Word has it that they brought in tribal members and then about 6 people started it, and the rest of the crowd followed perfectly for the photo op.

Doesn't make it real.

Bush's No Exit Wars have been a total lie. And the media is in on it. All the war profiteers are in on it.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Thanks for posting...

this is a really good interview.

Where do these MSM news

Where do these MSM news teleprompter reading reporters got off on lecturing to us their twisted version of reality? Nobody elected those pieces of crap to any office.

When did this originally air?

She mentions at the 40:15 mark that her company, Muckracker, was going on-line in early 2013. Did she just misspeak?

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


original post was Sept 2012 I

original post was Sept 2012 I believe. It is stamped under the vid on the Youtube clip. So it is a tad outdated. But had you heard of this before?

Be Your Own Media!!!

That really is alarming,

CNN taking money from Bahrain for propaganda while suppressing a story on torture from their own investigator. How low can you go?

Interview is the first time I've let my kids watch Alex Jones

Very good piece. Jones is a brilliant interviewer. His reporting and commentary can be absurd, but he knows exactly how to talk to any guest, regardless of their background.


I agree!

It is JOURNALISM/PROPAGANDA that has enslaved us!

Older book that I would

Older book that I would recommend that spotlights political affiliations and the media, as it related to Presidential Politics (Reagan).

On Bended Knee....Mark Hertzgaard

Kind of explains a lot about the CBS, NBC, ABC, 60 Min connection in the day.

Sad thing, we are all being played like fools. Worse yet, idiots just go along with it all.

For me, it's getting easier to walk away from the idiots, all of them, as who wants to argue with people that get their talking points from TV? What's the fun in that?

Be Your Own Media!!!



Be Your Own Media!!!