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Why the GOP is Dead


The primary reason the GOP is a disaster is that conservatives don't know what they stand for.
What we are seeing in US politics is the triumph of ideology and message.

It is a lopsided battle where the social engineers know what they stand for and promise it every election. They use the state, the law and courts to impose a steadily growing and more powerful mechanism to lock their ideology into the minds of the people and into the fabric of society. They stand for implementation of a global utopia through force. They stand for elimination of opposition and elimination of opposing thought. They are Fabian socialist, humanitarians, democrats and marxists. They do not mind being called liberal (although they are not) and progressive (much better than conservatives), but these terms are not their philosophy, but temporary labels. They love to be called socialists and communists so they can point to text book definitions that they do not fit and call the accusation rhetoric.

So what do the conservatives stand for?
- Big business
- Old government
- Exploitation of the environment
- Big govt by manipulating the free market
- Forced values
- Big military

So now the conservatives are threatening to recast the GOP without the RINOS. The new conservatives (Paul, Cruz, Rubio) are still conservatives, without a philosophy, without a vision, without a message, without a chance.

What do conservatives stand for?
Opposition to change. The status quo.

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Let's get rubio out of the way:

- Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) stood with President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and against the rule of law to continue sending foreign aid to Egypt. Under current law, the United States is prohibited from providing financial assistance to countries that have experienced a military coup d’état.

- Rubio supports Iris Scans, Fingerprinting, Government Database.
In direct violation of the 4th Amendment, Marco Rubio and seven other Republican and Democratic senators, known as the “gang of eight” have crafted a sweeping bill and vow to implement Biometric Identification and a national database, which includes Iris Scans and Fingerprinting, costing taxpayers more than $25 billion to implement.

- Marco Rubio supports an interventionist foreign policy. In a speech, Rubio outlined an aggressive vision of American foreign policy, criticizing his colleagues on the left and the right for supporting a restrained future for the nation. During a time in which American politicians should restrict their attention to domestic issues in the aftermath of the last recession, Rubio stands out as a lawmaker openly willing to pour taxpayer resources into foreign projects and initiatives. "I disagree with voices in my own party who argue we should not engage at all, who warn we should heed the words of John Quincy Adams not to go 'abroad, in search of monsters to destroy,'" he said. "I left the last page of my speech," he said, flipping through the papers and looking to Lieberman for some help. "Does anyone have my last page?" A man on the stage handed him the page, and Rubio went on to finish his address, quoting former British Prime Minister Tony Blair about how interventionism is part of America's "destiny."

- Marco Rubio, Jim Greer:
Jim Greer pleaded guilty to four counts of theft and a single count of money laundering for funneling money from the Republican Party of Florida to a company he set up with his right-hand man. He could be sentenced to a minimum of 3 ½ years and a maximum of 35 years in prison at his March 27 sentencing.

The criminal trial of former Republican Party of Florida chair Jim Greer had promised to be embarrassing for party leaders, rising Republican star Marco Rubio and former Gov. Charlie Crist, who is contemplating a new political future as a Democrat.

The plea deal avoids what would could have been an embarrassing trial for the state GOP. Some of Florida's most powerful politicians were scheduled as witnesses, including former Gov. Charlie Crist, former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux, former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and several state House and state Senate leaders.

The trial had threatened to expose the underbelly of Florida's dominant political party and its formerly high-spending ways. Party officials took heat three years ago from revelations of excessive spending at restaurants and luxury hotels on party-issued American Express cards by Republican leaders, including Rubio. Testimony about those expenditures had been expected at the trial.

Topics also covered in pretrial depositions included allegations of prostitutes at a state GOP fundraiser in the Bahamas, the drinking habits of Crist and intraparty strife. Some of Florida's most powerful politicians were scheduled as witnesses, including Crist, former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux, former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and several state House and state Senate leaders.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

conservatism is resistance to change

That's what the word means. Let's "conserve" the status quo and resist change. Let's not evolve. Let's not try to improve the world. You wonder why the "progressives" are able to sway the youth? The youth wants to progress, not conserve the status quo. I don't know how this word ever got associated with wanting smaller government, but it's a dead end word, associated with grumpy old people grumbling about the world going to hell, while the young rejoice about the latest improvements in humankind's condition.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

You have an excellent point about no philosophy

Because the people who really run the GOP are fraudulently harvesting the votes of people who believe government has gotten too big. They don't WANT a coherent philosophy spelled out, lest their base finally come to understand that the party has no intention of advancing that philosophy in any way.

The uniting philosophy has to be one of limiting government, including decentralizing power as much as possible. Some may want to get off of the liberty train at limited government conservative, maybe with government where it was in 1980, some 1960, some 1912, others would mostly go back to 1860, some would go back to 1788. A few would go beyond that even to the articles of confederation, and of course many here would like to go beyond that to a minarchist state on both the federal and state and local levels. Regardless of what seat we are in, all of us should be on the same train.

That train will not be conducted by the GOP. Sure they have lots of money. But once people realize that they too want to turn your children into debt slaves and fold America into some sort of global new world order, how much money will it take to get you to knock on doors for them? No friends, we may have to start at the state an local level but outsourcing the job of protecting your interests to a DC-based party funded by global corporations is a non-starter. There is absolutely no reason a sane person should ever expect it to work in the long run.

Instead, every state should do something like this...more than one group if the state is big enough http://arneighbors.org/

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

The Duopoly ain't working...

Americans are increasing rejecting social conservativism as a political ideology,... but so long as the world continues to accept the American dollar as it's reserve currency, the Progressives will not fall from power. Why should they? Getting something for nothing will always sound like a good deal to the America voter so long as the rest of the world continues to subsidize us.

If we want an effective choice, we must change the voting paradigm from the broken, one voter, one vote, 'first past the post' paradigm, to either http://rangevoting.org/ and/or http://www.fairvote.org/instant-runoff-voting#

After that's been done, then, and only then, can the American voter change the system. Until then, all we can do is rearrange furniture on a sinking Titanic. Right now the Progressive economic theory that we have our cake because we eat it seems imminently reasonable. The Conservative economic theory that we have our cake because we first bake it hasn't been demonstrably true within hardly anyone's living memory. After all, what is a conservative usually other than a liberal who has finally recognized they've been mugged by reality? My question is,... after hyperinflation hits, will we recognize reality then?... or will the American people continue to elect our best liars?

"The dearest ambition of a slave is not liberty, but to have a slave of his own."
Sir Richard Burton

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Let the evisceration continue.

TEA is the party of No War, No Gun Grab, No Carbon Dioxide Tax, and No New Taxes.

I'm not sure I agree

The Tea Party is very loosely defined and No War is not one I would bet on.

The Heritage Foundation claims to be affiliated with the Tea Party and they are the big military/pro war think tank.

I remember all the Tea party

I remember all the Tea party members saying only with congressional approval should we go to war with Syria.

The first two people I think of...

...when I think about the Tea Party are Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann. Both love sending the kids to die in foreign wars to protect Israel. Bachmann just voted against Amash's bill to defund NSA surveillance.

But I think the grassroots Tea Partiers are starting to get confused about their foreign policy because of their disdain for Obama. That seems to be where the comments on the articles are, even at Red State, last time I checked anyway. They also seemed to be ready to tar and feather Paul Ryan for going up to the White House to cave on Obamacare on behalf of the House during the shutdown.

They're definitely acting weird.

I agree with your post, except...

...at the end, when you lump the "new conservatives (Paul, Cruz, Rubio)" with the old.

If I were to give them the benefit of the doubt, I'd say the jury is still out on Cruz/Rubio, but Rand's "new conservatism" is libertarianism, and if you think he's "without a philosophy, without a vision, without a message", then you simply haven't been paying attention.

BTW, your analysis of conservatism/the RP is old hat for libertarians.

Old hat, new hat

Rand calls himself a constitutional conservative, Cruz and Rubio probably would deny being libertarians.

Liberty is the antithesis of coercive government.
Conservatism is the antithesis of Liberalism.

Clinging to conservatism is necessarily confusing and limiting and leads to strategies like agreeing to a debt ceiling increase in exchange for doctors not paying taxes on medical equipment.

The concern is that if you are still a libertarian in the republican party, the effort to reform the GOP is headed the wrong way - the way toward a conservative takeover, not a libertarian takeover.

As long as libertarians fly the "conservative" flag, they will be unable to communicate their message. Conservatives are a millstone
they are not allies.

Conservatives are convinced they support the Constitution.

Once they actually read the document and figure out that the Constitution doesn't say what they think it says, I think they'll come around. They've been on the receiving end of oppression by the opposition lately. When the light bulb turns on and they see that the only way to avoid their own oppression is to stop trying to oppress others, they will no longer be a millstone.

Rand and Amash are two of the

Rand and Amash are two of the most Libertarian Republicans I've seen in a long time. You must keep in mind even Rand refuses the Libertarian label, probably because he knows what comes from the marginalizing GOP for any dissenters. I believe I've seen Amash adopt the Libertarian designation with greater ease.

Make up your mind please.

Is the GOP dead or is Conservatism dead. They are not synonymous. The GOP is alive because it is full of liberal neocon posers who have no conservative backbone and are more worried about image than substance.

True Conservatism does not thrive in politics for the same reason that Libertarianism can't grow in politics. Because politics is all about doing and saying what people want to hear and getting reelected.

Democracy will always end up a one party game with two faces. Socialist liberals and Neos. It's inherent in the system.

Thank you for making my point

Conservatism is the problem and the reason the GOP cannot succeed.

What the hell is "true conservatism"?

I defy anyone to define it. Then explain why it changes drastically every few decades.

Conservatives can't win, because you can't define it and you cannot articulate its value.

Libertarianism is on the rise because it does promise something everyone wants - liberty and freedom.

What is a "true Conservative"?

What is a "true Christian"? What is a "true friend"? What is a "true statement"?

It's all subjective.

Subjective? Really?

A true Christian tries to follow Christ.
A true friend tries to be there for you.

A true conservative... What?

"holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion."

So that is what conservatives are? Apprehensive. Averse to change?

I don't see DP being about holding to the status quo.

Applying the modifier "true"

Applying the modifier "true" does not impart magical qualities to something.


I can tell that you have never been to anything Republican in your life, but you read all about it, and man you FEEL what you think you know, and all your words add up to those who do KNOW, is you're full of BS when it comes to the GOP (under MSM influence). I'm not insulting you. Obviously you have far more stronger feelings about the GOP than I do, and I'm in the GOP.

The way I see it

When the Libertarian Party was created 1972, it was for the boomer generation that had conservative values, striving to work within the "old government" (Constitution), and natually opposed the two edge sword of the war on drugs that was about to be established (for at the time, the war on drugs was being established with high profile MSM about drug tragedies, while Nam vets were returning in great need of pain management, and prescription drugs were movie themes.

Ron Paul's nomination in the LP personally pissed me off because he was a Republican, and from what I knew about Republicans back in the 80s, not appreciating Reagan, the LP had lost it's way when they nominated Ron Paul the Republican. There were plenty of great Libertarians, why did we have to nominate a Republican? To get exposure.

When Nader made his Indy presidential campaign I joined him, and from a third party/Indy background, when I saw was the RINOs outting conservatives.. set up, frame up, murders.. and the DINOs were outting liberals (RIP Paul Wellstone for one). Nader said back in 96 there was no difference between the parties, and when pressed because if the outrage by the public, he explained, the major parties are like coke and pepsi.

Both parties were infiltraited, third parties were created (there were 36 when Nader was running, we needed 7 third parties to get on 49 ballots, no Indy will get on OK ballot for president, and now with all the new law shanges in the state, Indy's have even a harder time.

When Ron Paul invited us to joinhim in the GOP, I rebuked. I begged hom to go third party or Indy.. when he announced his run for 2012, I releanted, went through mental trama, but jioined the GOP to help Ron Paul win the nomination. Now I'm in the GOP.

The GOP is changing, and it's in a battle.. because the USA is run by global corporations and we support that everyday we get on the computer. The GOP in CA is becomming a Liberty Party as more folks decide to see for themselves, go to a meeting, and wake up.. Meet-up on steriods (as much as you can handle or not.. but at least by going you see for yourself.. it's what what you think it is. If you haven't gone, you are under the influence of something or someone who you felt.. but you really don't KNOW.. you just feel.

My committee is like being on Daily Paul with by-laws, an the opportunity to actually get members in positions to restore constitutional government, and undo this D/RINO disaster the past four decades. Ron Paul has given us an opportunity in the GOP.

We're standing to restore the republic because freedom is popular. We stand for small constitutional government.. different states and counties will have stands that are specific to their communities usially backed with an amendment.

I suggest you go to a meeting and see for yourself what is going on.

In California, Republicans

In California, Republicans had some influence locally in Orange County, but they are largely a completely toothless opposition to the overwhelming majority Democrats.

To really be effective in California, you'd have to become a "Ron Paul Democrat" or risk complete irrelevance. Democrats here won't ever be influenced by Republicans...it's like living in a real-world version of the Daily Kos or Huffington Post. Brain dead political zombies everywhere.


how could you leave out the iron grip the CA GOP has in San Diego, Bakersfeild (The CA GOP chair and National women's federation are both from there).

The Democratic Party needs competition, not a clone, and I'm happy to be that difference in the Liberty GOP because I have more in common with the Tea party than with the UN Agenda.

CA needs it's GOP to climb out of the Democratic Party ass and start standing for issues like Ron Paul did, in the GOP.

Have you been to a GOP meeting?

I self-identify as

I self-identify as Libertarian, even though I am a registered Republican (as a practical matter). If the GOP disappeared from the face of the Earth tomorrow, I'd shed no tears.

Won't be long

my GOP committee will be rilling out the peace floats and having locals wonder what happened to the GOP. We happened to the GOP.

The GOP is here to stay; learn how to deal with it.

It is fantasy to call it dead.

In fact, it has money in the bank (quite a bit), money coming in (quite a bit), vs. the Democrat party which is having funding problems and cannot pay some of it's bills, leaving longstanding consultants and mailers out to dry.

We have to deal in facts and reality. The GOP is here to stay. Ignore it at your own peril. Whether you are working inside of it, as Ron Paul asked us to do, or outside of it, you can't get from A to B on fantasy. You need a roadmap. And it needs to be based in reality.

Why the GOP is Not Dead