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Ideas for 7th and 8th Grade Constitution and Liberty Test

H i all, I have an idea and am looking for input.

My daughter goes to a charter school, and this year the 7th and 8th combined class (20 kids) are going to take a trip to D.C. in March. In an effort to reduce costs to each family, the students and class are constantly fundraising to pay for the trip.

My idea, funded by myself, would be to offer each student to take a test, that when completed and graded at a 88% or higher, would earn that student $100. Here are the requirements I have come up with so far-

I will present the practice test to the class and let them all look at it for a week. I will then give each student who is interested in taking it 5 days to complete it. Only one student at a time cane take the test during the same five day period.

All answers must be written in cursive, using a blue ink pen, with a maximum of 10 corrections with correction tape or white out.

There will be a series of bulky boring q's, i.e., list all current representatives and what state, justices, executive, etc. I will personalize it by asking each student to list their reps for state and local. Kids come from many different towns to this school.

The signors of the Declaration of Independence, what the Constitution was based on, and when it was ratified.

What is the definition of Democratic Republic?

A series of quotes, and a multiple choice of who said them. These I could use some help on. Then after, a brief description of the individual who said it, i.e. wiki style. Sam Adams, Jefferson, RON PAUL!

List in exact wording, three articles that mean the most to that student, with a brief description why after.

Now its your guys turn. I will post the complete test for review before I submit it to the class.

Thanks for the help. There are a lot of other ideas I've been batting around, but this is what I am sure about so far!

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+1 and bump for your good idea

I don't know if its appropriate for your test, but I'd like this question answered...

What's the point of taking an oath to uphold & defend the constitution (often with hand on Bible), if they regularly take actions against said oath?

Why are there never any penalties for breaking the law of the land?

Nice :-)

THE most important and outstanding questions!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I get really perturbed

when threads such as these are not voted up and nonsense ones are.

So here is an UP vote :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Cats and Dog Beds?

It may be something else but I am refusing to click on it. thank you, any input?

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No input, I like everything that you have outlined...

but maybe a suggestion?

Print out the Bill of Rights on one side and the Declaration of Independence on the back side on some parchment paper. Roll it up and tie a brown ribbon around it.

I have used these for students, and also to hand out at gun/sporting shows, as well as new meetings that I attend. Everybody loves them!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul



Have a chatuaqua competition.. have each student perform a three minute speach introducing themselves as the charactor they are dressed, and then have a question and answer time where people from the audience can ask the participant questions.. people can assume any role of a historical American figure.

I tried to post you several links but DP freezes up on me and won't let me post more than one.. but there are a lot of Chautaugua sisters, because they are educational and fun.

thanks for the idea

Technically that would make it to difficult for me to orchestrate, sans help. I am trying to do this with as little association as possible with the school, so that I have more freedom with the questions to be answered. I like the idea, so maybe if one question was, "who would you be and why?" would be something I could take from your suggestion.

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I think you've got a great idea and hope you and the students have fun. That's a nice gift you're giving. Kudos to you!

Great idea.

Here's my 2 cents:

Dump the 1 student at a time requirement. They'll share answers with each other outside the class room.

Do they still teach cursive in school? If so, that's not a bad requirement. I honestly haven't used it other than signing my name in decades, and I do think that is a fault not only on myself, but as a prevailing trend.

I like the list all of their reps, state and local, part. Maybe keep it to their county council person for their precinct, state rep for their district, state senator for their district (or however it works in your state), federal rep for their district, both federal senators for your state, and lt. governor and governor.

Incorporate the Declaration of Independence into the test and test, and change the name all signors to that instead of the Constitution. Constitution has way more signors. The names of the signors in the Declaration are more well known.

Dump the "What is the definition of Democratic Republic?". Show me in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or Bill of Rights where the words "Democratic" or "Democracy" appear please. Replace with a question asking the student to explain the difference between a democracy and a republic, why the founders chose a republic over a democracy, and what would they (the student) choose and why. (That would get them engaged and thinking!)

Have them name 1 quote by a founding father, and why they chose that quote. (Gets them engaged.)

I like the articles idea, but I'd narrow it down to article and section. Or, ask them to name which article is for the legislative, which for the executive, and which for the judicial.

Well, that's my 2 cents of constructive criticism. Kudo's to you for all your efforts. I think what you are trying to do is great, and is part of the solution!

/salute stickhillfarm

Awesome, thank you!

I guess I pictured each kid working on it solo, or with their parents, for the week. I don't want a group of them steamrolling through it one afternoon at the laptop. You may be right, just let em at it.

I believe they did teach some cursive, but damn it this money is coming from my late grandfather, who was a teacher his whole life, and if we as a society can't even write elegantly anymore, well then he would roll over in his grave. I guess I am just a stickler!

Who would be your list of most influential founders?

free state project member

Thomas Paine

I misunderstood how you meant it in the OP. I see what you mean now, and agree.

Not up for making a list, but I think one of the most influential imho was Thomas Paine. His book Common Sense made the case for the revolution, and had wide distribution throughout the colonies at the time. It was read among the troops and helped to give them a renewed spirit.


Dick Gaughan - Tom Paine's Bones