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Richard Viguerie: “Civil War in the GOP!”


The budget fight that led to the first government shutdown in 17 years did not just set off a round of recriminations among Republicans over who was to blame for the politically disastrous standoff. It also heralded a very public escalation of a far more consequential battle for control of the Republican Party, a confrontation between Tea Party conservatives and establishment Republicans that will play out in the coming Congressional and presidential primaries in 2014 and 2016 but has been simmering since President George W. Bush’s administration, if not before.

In dozens of interviews, elected officials, strategists and donors from both wings of the party were unusually blunt in drawing the intraparty battle lines, suggesting that the time for an open feud over the Republican future had arrived.

“It’s civil war in the G.O.P.,” said Richard Viguerie, a veteran conservative warrior who helped invent the political direct mail business.

The moment draws comparisons to some of the biggest fights of recent Republican Party history — the 1976 clash between the insurgent faction of activists who supported Ronald Reagan for president that year and the moderate party leaders who stuck by President Gerald R. Ford, and the split between the conservative Goldwater and moderate Rockefeller factions in 1964.


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I don't know

The feeling I get, whatever the GOP thought it was, Bush's terms imploded the party, as his cabinate went on with their global asparations having destroyed conservative leaders in their wake.

I think it's why Ron Paul ate lunch by himself and watched what was going on around him. Watched the GOP fall apart from the inside, see the MSM facade for what it is, and why he decided to go for it.. step up and invite the LP to step into the GOP voots, if we are man enough, so to speak, to not be afraid of crap.. step right up and take the GOP because it was gutted from real people.

And that's why LIBERTY is all over the floor while the establishment continue to live in their bubbles.. much like the entertainment industry.. which, I've come to the conclusion, most of it is.

I don't think of it as a civil war as much as I think it's growing pains for Liberty and transitional pains for the establishment.

Well, I called that long ago - I said if "we" ever got a footing

in the GOP - they would just blow it up. This is why I always disagreed that "taking over" the GOP was a good idea.
Well, lo and behold - Boehner did what Boehner was hired to do - pulled the pin- and throw the grenade - and it landed right in the middle of the GOP with perfect aim and McCain was there to trip anybody trying to run away - lol.

Just when we were getting all excited that Rand may just have a chance - the GOP power brokers decided to scuttle the ship instead of having it fall into enemy hands.

They simply could NOT have handled this any worse - they infuriated the left, pissed off the middle and hung the right out to dry. And of course the GOP will use this as an excuse to make sure none of those "tea party" people get any help in the midterms - all but ensuring we are down to one party ruling us come 2015. And then it will be too late to build an alternative for 2016.
Why do you think the dems are not even positioning someone for a run in 2016? Because they don't need to.

Its really the only way forward.

The two parties have made it impossible for a third party to get any footing.

Therefore the only way forward is to tear down the Republican party, and at that point (if the destruction is successful), the possibility that the neo-cons jump ship and create a new party is out there, leaving the old republican party (call it Tea or Liberty going forward) as a place for grass-roots.

The establishment needs to know, this is a war. If it takes having Hillary as president (yuck), then so be it. We the people demand a party, and we choose to no longer "go along".

Garan's picture

Yes. Also, political parties are designed for change.

The GOP platform can be changed to anything by members of the GOP.

The Knee-jerk explanation of Left verses Right, Democrat verses Republican as far as political parties are concerned is mind-numbing, over-simplified, bull-malarkey.

The GOP rules allow for a redefinition of the party platform; be-it socialist, communist, libertarian, or whatever.

The GOP "War" is only necessary if the established GOPers wage it. Otherwise, from what I've seen, the Ron Paul/Liberty people have (initially) joyously entered the GOP with peaceful and fair intent.

However, the shockingly unethical use of power (procedural tricks and such), even at the lowest level, is what brings on the fighting and supposed "War".

The days of being a nice victim are over. If they go out fighting, then so be it.

I firmly believe we are in the 11th hour - and if we are now

looking at a dem controlled house and senate after 2014 with Obama - it is all over. I really believe that. I mean really all over - like - you will see crazy radical changes happen very quickly.

I will put money right now - calling the shot - bookmark this post - that the FIRST think they will do is beef up border security and start a fence- of course showing that it was gridlock that prevented real change - and it was always gridlock making us less safe - but in reality - they will be sealing the border going out not in- and of course they will be cementing the idea that multiple parties just cause trouble and government can move much quicker with only one party.

Back to my point though.
By not having a proper ship to jump into - those who would be true to liberty - will drown with the sinking GOP- just as planned. Their names will be mud. The grassroots will be too disorganized and too small to make a difference because the Dem machine will be even stronger and more powerful.

I say start the third party - and force those who do not wish to sink in the GOP to play ball. Use the political game against the politician. You want in - you want endorsement - you want to be relevant - you vote the way you are told to vote - just like the good little lap dog you are now. With the right money in the right markets you could get a start in 2014. It would only take a few key elections - places where splitting the conservative vote wont' hurt and you could pick up D votes as well. With enough money and a marketing machine like the Dems have - the idea would grow very quickly. After all- new parties are so hip and trendy - didn't you know - it would be like all the rage on campus ;)

Rand could make it happen too - he is wise in the media, unlike his father. He says the right things at the right times.

I for one am tired of putting my hand on the stove- its hot and it burns - how many more times do you need to figure it out.

That would be my preference also - a new party

But I don't see how it happens with the "two" parties controlling everything now.

Either way, it will be messy. It will (sadly) end up with Democrats ruling for a few election cycles. This will cause a big pendulum swing back towards liberty.

Well - i know this - if it is hard now - wait until those

who despise the Constitution and freedom have a few years of making whatever laws they damn well please. It will be impossible - perhaps even illegal to start a third party. Yes, I am effin serious. Look at the damage they are doing when they have opposition.

I don't think the reality has set in for many here - they live in a fantasy land. You do realize that as of January 1 it is safe to call America a socialist nation - without argument. I mean - you are subject to penalty just for being born and NOT purchasing a government mandated product. That's it people. This is NOT a free country and if you think it is - sorry -but that is only because you are afraid to face the music.

We have the highest incarceration rates in the world.
We are the only country to openly torture prisoners.
We have effectively been waging war for 12 years unabated.
We have openly killed American citizens without due process
We have openly killed teenage American citizens without due process
We have revealed the NSA collected everything from everyone
We have militarized our police, who assault and kill without recourse
We have effectively taxed every citizen into servitude
We have openly allowed the groping of children just to get on an airplane
My fingers are tired - but you get the point.