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Hawaii, Mexico Score Legal Victories Against GMO - Activist Post

Aaron Dykes
Activist Post
Sunday, 10-20-13

The island Kauai, the fourth largest in Hawaii, passed a countywide resolution this week after widespread activist pressure and a marathon hearing that places significant restrictions on biotech and pesticide firms (though stronger rules originally in the bill were defeated).

The Kauai County Council, which holds jurisdiction over the entire island, passed Bill 2491 by a veto-proof vote of 6-to-1, and will require full disclosure of when GMO crops are planted and when pesticides are used, while establishing buffer zones and other rules.

According to Reuters:

The version of the bill that passed late Tuesday was stripped of some of its tougher conditions and now requires the agricultural companies to disclose the presence and use of genetically modified crops and pesticides; establishes buffer zones around schools, hospitals, homes and other areas, and requires the county to conduct a study on the health and environmental impacts of the industry.

A similar bill is being considered on Hawaii’s big island.

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Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.