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ron paul on 60 minutes-negative

60 minutes tionite
it was about PAC slush funds

apparently ron paul was #1 with 6 members on payroll for 304,000 over 2 election cycles

when I heard his name--- I figured it was gonna be positive----as in ron paul was the only member of congress to return funds or donate extra to charity

shocked it was a a negative
hopefully can get video up soon

paul part at 8 minute mark
exact statement----
Sloan says there are at least 75 members of Congress who have hired members of their family to work on their campaign and paid them with political contributions.

Until Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas retired last year he seemed to be the leader with six family members on the campaign payroll -- daughter, daughter's mother in-law, three grandchildren and a grandchild in-law. Paying them a total of $304,000 over the past two election cycles.

But Paul only ranked third in total payouts to family members -- behind former Republican Congressman Jerry Lewis and Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters both of California


not a big problem,,,, but ron paul inc,,, at least in regards of family wanting to cash out every last penny while the goings good ,,,has always irked me a bit

I was personally smacked in the face by ron paul inc,,, and hovering female -kids ,grandkids at the C4L valley forge work shop

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My construction company is evil...

"O'Kelly & Sons"... The owner and his sons run the business. It really burns me. Mr. O'Kelly even pays his sons. Quick, someone get James Kirchick to write a smear piece on them!