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The Pussyfication of America

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1. pussyfication
A process, in which over a period of time, someone, or a group of people, develops more and more qualities of being a total pussy.

So I sat down to watch an NFL game this afternoon. Meh, unwatchable.

Time was when you could enjoy seeing a wideout get separated from the ball by a violent DB hit. Those were the days! Legends were made by QBs who stood in the pocket just long enough to get a pass off just before a linebacker delivered his punishment. Today, DBs who do anything more than gently push a receiver out of bounds are flagged for 15, and later in the week fined thousands of dollars by the pussy commish. Lay a hand on a QB and a defensive player is flagged, fined and probably suspended for more games. The QBs know it too. They goad the defense into contact then turn and whine to the officials, inevitably drawing flags.

Gone are the great defenses, strong enough to carry teams into the playoffs. Nope, now it's backyard pitch and catch, no contact, run up the score "football". May as we'll tie flags to their hips and rename the league the PFL.

The NBA went soft years ago. During the glory days, back in the 70's and 80's, any player who took a crunch time sprint down the lane knew he was gonna pay the price. Real men shook it off, stood at the foul line and dropped the two they earned the hard way. Today, if a big takes out a driving point guard he's facing ejection, fines and multi game suspensions. Can you say PBA?

And by the way, this is NOT the doing of the boomers! No siree. Sure, we might be responsible for socialist America, but we didn't pussify this nation!

Nope, you didn't see us placing plastic yellow cones in the street, with signs saying "Child at Play". We're not the ones who put helmets on our kids before we'd let 'em ride their tricycles in the cul-de-sac.

Nope, we were perfectly willing to let our kids run like we did. We told you how we nailed roller skates to two-by-fours, inventing skateboards, and bravely rode them down asphalt hills, avoiding oncoming traffic by veering into curbs and dive rolling into grass, with a good chance we'd roll through dog shit 'cause we also let our animals roam free in the neighborhood and do their business wherever nature called. And BTW if a kid got bit by a dog he'd kick the shit out of the animal to teach it not to mess with him, not go home and whine to Mommy and have her call the SPCA.

Nope, the pussyfication of America stands squarely on the shoulders of the under 50 generations. They've pussyfied this nation! They with their whiney kids with their knee pads and their helmets and their PFL and PBA.

Fuckin NFL officials. Fuckin pussies.

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The Two States that Legalized Marijuana:

Are now going to have a "Super Bowl". To funny. Saw it on FB.


God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.

Where exactly...

were all of those NFL fans in Detroit when their livelihoods were being pissed away by those who engineered it? They were watching football of course.

Where were all of those NY Giants fans when the lockdown was being smacked upon the citizens of New York, their liberties legislated away by the criminal bureaucracy. Watching football...

Where were all of the able bodied, caring citizens when the subsequent twelve years of investigations were being conducted about the bullshit that was 9/11? Watching football...

As the globalists continue to carry out their massive, criminal plans on the people of the world at the expense of the complacent American taxpayer, our liberties continuing to erode away by legislation...probably watching football.

If you want to bitch about the pussyfication of America then you should probably turn off the television and the myriad of other distractions that have allowed the dissolution of your entire way of life. Football might be important to you and others but until you realize that football itself is a tool by which our masters intend to cull the middle class whilst they entertain themselves into oblivion you will never see any real workable solutions to your concerns. Football and mass media entertainment is the problem, not the solution.

By the way...Just my opinion...pussies watch other people play games. Men play them.

Life is not a spectator sport...

You people are really sad.

I suppose you never take a break from all your 'liberty spreading business' to catch a movie? It's so funny to watch people around here just rip each other apart for not being exact clones of one another. So you made your point, you don't care for football, whooptefuckingdoo! Guess what! I don't take time to watch movies, or television in general. DO you watch televisions or movies? Should I preach and point fingers at you because you do something I don't do? You must be really busy spending 24/7 bringing liberty and freedom to America. I'm really not sure how you can do it.

Whatever happened to just respecting people in general? There are a whole bunch of people on this site that are very willing to degrade anyone who doesn't live life exactly as they do, and I just don't understand it. Freedom and liberty mean that I can watch a damn football game if I wish, and you can watch a movie, or have circle jerks for all I care. These cities didn't go down the tubes because of a football game. I don't know how many times I've read the true wisdom of some POS on here explaining how anyone who dares watch football somehow 'worships' athletes and a game. Is there some sort of 'stupid ass' gene in this pool I'm swimming in? If so is there a cure that doesn't include me trying to live my life in order to please every single person who seems to have all the answers? I'd sure like to hear it.


I agree with your comment and I understand how you might have perceived degradation with my comment. I do not watch television nor do I pay retail for movies. It is, in fact, very difficult to redefine one's life in observation of the fact that virtually everything around us is one big lie. From being stuck on unnecessary petrochemical fuels, unnatural allopathic medical systems, indoctrination education systems and a literally criminal justice system, every facet of our lives is a construct of the criminals who are guiding this nation where we the people do not want it to go. My argument is merely this: rather than being distracted by the routine, mundane entertainments of a criminal empire, should we not learn our lessons and spend our entertainment time seeking the truth of our situation and how to properly deal with it rather than to put a plug into our ears and devoting our resources to things that do not matter in the least? Look I do not down you for being a fan of football or anything else. Freedom is what you make of it. But that freedom was and still is apparently squandered by those who would rather seek shallow entertainment instead of engaging their communities on a regular basis about things that might bite them in the ass if they do not pay attention. Detroit got bit and those fuckers were distracted the whole time. New York got bit and those fuckers were distracted the whole time. California continues to get bit but there are enough fruits and nuts paying attention so that at least there the criminal bureaucrats have to put up with a fight. Look at the bureaucracy of Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, D.C. and the Myriad of other cities who continue to be decimated by this whole freaking mess! But as I said before, until YOU and everyone else REALIZES the tools that our RULER and OWNERS use to corral us into our collective cages, mind and body, then we will continue to fail to realize a future that coulda and shoulda been.

Oh and I don't drive either. Fuck the criminal empire!

P.S. Unplugging will leave you happier at the simplest things and yet more pissed off than you have ever been at the loads of important shit that you never knew about. You didn't know about it because truth must be sought, clearly the criminal empire is not making a priority of delivering it.

Thank you for the reply.

I am well aware of what 'they' do in order to keep the masses subdued with circuses and whatnot. I've been trying to explain to my family just how close our downfall is mirroring Rome for much longer than I've known about Ron Paul. Funny enough I put this all together while studying Roman History in college. :)

The same people who live their lives around entertainment, whether it be television/sports/etc, would simply find new entertainment if their entertainment of choice were disappear overnight. I've gone through several changes in my understanding of this country and this world. At one point I did blame 'the man' behind the curtain, but then after several years of this I realized that pointing fingers don't get you anywhere. Especially if you are pointing at someone behind a curtain. The fact is, just as you stated, it is up to the people to change and to see what is truly important to them.

Unfortunately we have learned throughout history that man is willing to give up just about anything, as long as you give him something shiny and new to stare at. Humans, especially Americans, remind me of raccoons. Not sure if it was 'Summer Of The Monkeys' or 'Where The Red Fern Grows', but in one of them the MC trapped raccoons by drilling a hole in a fallen log, placing a shiny quarter in said hole, and then driving nails at an angle into the hole above the quarter. The coons wouldn't let go of the shiny quarter and therefore were shot on the spot. Yep, I see the world through the lessons I learned from a book in the fourth grade. :)

Thanks again for the reply.


I remember reading that in grade school as well. It is hilarious, and yet very sad that our time was squandered for twelve years in school only to find that we required more schooling. I think that it is tragic that most of us get out of school never knowing, with confidence, that we could build shelter for ourselves, generated the electricity that we need, grow food for ourselves, or properly clean our water on an individual basis.

I am glad to be of service. I know how absolutely difficult it is to realize that literally everything around us is a contrived fabrication from the top down structure that is designed for dependence. We rely on the corporations for food, water, fuel and, in some cases, air. Many of us rely on them for our entertainment too. But the entertainment is shallow. Life lived in practice of one's imagination is very, very rich. But man is it difficult sometimes.



God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.


have said it any better than that!!!!


Have a can of beer!

Being turned into a Nation of pussies is much bigger than any type of game or sport.
Hormone and Steroid saturation of the entire population has something to do with it.
Water, the life source of everything on this planet has so much estrogen that even the fish are mutated where male fish have developed eggs in their bodies. Testosterone imbalance in all male gendered creatures is at an all time high. Every time you sit down to your “big game meal” that was dumped out of a can that was lined with that inner “plastic looking” liner you are consuming BPA which acts as female Estrogen. Man Boobs, enlarged prostate, fertility issues, maybe female adaptation ?
Of course the drug Companies promote injections of Testosterone to bring back the “man” that is now more Estrogen soaked than Testosterone. Eating GMO and non organic food also contributes to the poisoning of both male & female.


Will this years Superbowl

Wagers exceed $100 Million? It's reached almost $95 Million in the past. Besides Fantasy Football, gambling is the driving interest in the game. So here you go, Denver currently favored by 1-2.5, and the over/under is 47.5-48. Let's hear your picks Boys and Girls, lol

To my Liberal Trolls:
"Really Don't mind if you sit this one out. Your words but a whisper, your deafness a shout. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
Ian Anderson 1972

Generational chain of Pussification

World War 1 Gen, Greatest Gen & Silent Gen built modern America and fought for empire. No pussies here.

Boomers benefited greatly, rebelled (a little) had children and wanted to give them everything aka "entitlement & the Great Society". Boomers looked down on manual labor and told their kids to avoid it - "everyone can go to college". Hippies then Yuppies and the beginning of the decline of the working man & woman. Pussification takes hold.

GenX - saw first signs of decline and cracks in the American Dream. Generation of angst, insecurity... some rise to the occasion, others withdraw. They start having kids and hover all over them to shelter them from insecurity. Its OK to call adults by their first name (loss of generational respect). Blue collar, skilled, working men & women sold out by Corp USA. Bike helmets come into effect. Pussification deepens.

GenY - you mean I can't have all the material crap my Boomer parents have? But they told me I could have it. Their Boomer parents drive economy into the tank (Bush, Cheney, Bernanke, Corp USA). More angst. Blue Collar jobs replaced by McJobs. In general characterized by pudgy men, lowered overall testosterone levels, helicopter parents - Pussification is now in full effect.

Millenials - scary... maybe there will be a backlash & rebound ?? I truly hope so but don't see it. Total Pussification and collapse (?)

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Vintage Football

They played on real grass in the mud, in the rain, in the snow. They wore leather helmets without a facemask & had a shot of whiskey on the sidelines to take off the edge or numb a punch in the nose. They earned a living wage and played for love of the sport.

The rules?

-4 downs.
-Out of bounds.
-If you get hurt get off the field the game isn't stopping.
-No punching or eye-gouging at the line of scrimmage... but its OK if the ref doesn't see it... then again he may not care.
-The ref's call is final.
-If the other team crosses the end zone more than yours, they win.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Great Rant

Pussification started long ago. The elites created and pushed Feminism to destroy us as a people. They've succeeded.

dead on balls accurate

Your comment nailed it.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Cyril's picture

Sorry, but, c'mon, you're not playing "football" in America.

Sorry, but, c'mon, you're not playing "football" in America.

Or, if you are, it's "football" with the wrong rules.

Here is football :



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Cyril's picture



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Michael Nystrom's picture

Ok, I admit it

I like it.


At the same time, my personal feeling is that football is awfully violent as it is!

But that call against the Pats on Sunday was ridiculous. A player can't push another player's ass who is on the same team, to pile drive into the pile.

Give me a break.

- - - - -

But everything in the NFL is geared towards the offense. They want highscoring games, because they want to overstimulate your mind

He's the man.

Back in MY DAY!

Back in my day, we walk to school in 10' feet of snow uphill both ways.... And we LIKED IT!

You should be on Saturday Night Live LOL!


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine

That's what happens

when you grow up during the 'mini ice age'. :O) Sorry, couldn't pass that one up!


I was born in '71.
I have in the past been critical of the boomers. Certainly there were visionaries like Rand and Welch that they could have tuned into if they were not riding the American glory wave. That aside, It is the education system to blame and it truthfully would have been hard to see coming given the world events (Wars) of the time and the introduction of the Prussian model of eduction and pledge of allegiance. Now that there are some really good works on that particular history and methodology (John Taylor Gatto and Schoolsuckspodcast), and that everyone has access to, the excuse for ignorance is removed.

Now if we could just stop watching the games / enriching a parasite class and start living our own lives.


Would like to point you to Ilana Mercer's book "Broadsides: One Woman's Clash With A Corrupt Culture"

Alot of what you express sounds similar to her expressions on the subject as well.

UFC is your friend

(and Bellator)

ditto on that

but even that got pussified to a point when they shut out pride. :)

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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No, It was the Boomers

Sorry to put this one on you too but it was the Boomers that made Americans a bunch of pussies. I'm at the front end of the Millennial Generation and I can tell you first hand that the majority of us are pussies due to over-protective parenting and the "everything is good" attitude (FYI: my parents weren't like this). To be honest, it's only gotten worse. At least in my time the parents let their kids go trick or treating...apparently that makes you a bad parent these days. Nevertheless, the Baby Boomers started the trend and therefore are to blame.

I'm not big on blanket blaming but I'm pretty sure the Boomers are responsible for 90% of screwing up this country. The generations that followed are only continuing what has already been laid. Now we will just wait and see what generation is left holding the tab (I'm guessing mine).

I tend to agree.

The "boomers" are such a wide range of age, you have the older boomers raising kids in the 60-70's and others raising kids in the 80-00's. A lot changed in that time.

I've never cared for sport...

"American" sport that is...I became a fanatic for auto racing in my early 20s...of course, I STILL can't stand nascar....to me, that's not racing...that's just entertainment....like Hulk Hogan with motors.
I'm talkin' about European rally...old-school F1, LeMans, Sebring and Daytona endurance races. Well, they have all been "Wimpified" over the years, too!! Examples below:
Nascar: The rules used to be that the car had to be a "street car" that anyone could buy at the dealer, then they stripped out the interior, welded in the cage, dropped in a hot rod motor and turned left real fast. Win on Sunday, sell on Monday!! The beginning of the end was Chrysler...they did things better with the rule book that anyone else and built the Daytona, then the Superbird. Nobody had a chance and it made for a "boring" race...then the rules committee stepped in and "made things fair for everyone".
Can Am: This series ran in the US and Canada in the late 60s through the mid 70s (hay-days), it still is on today, but boring as heck....anyway, back-in-the-day the rules were simple: 4 wheels, brake lights,...and that's about it! Porsche built monsters that stomped everything else until the rules committee "made things fair for everyone".
WRC: World Rally Championship...Back when, there were 2 top categories: Group B and Group N. The Group B cars were the epitome of technology!! This is where your all-wheel-drive cars came from! Again 4 wheels, based on a street car...and after that, anything goes! The engineers went crazy building monsters that went ridiculously fast and without crowd control, the idiots were on the track in front of speeding cars as a type of "bravery contest" or something...the cars became known as the "Killer B's" as so many spectators were killed...along with some drivers/navigators. So...the rules committee wanted to make things "safe for everyone" and the days of ultimate engineering is gone.
Formula One: This used to be the pinnacle of motorsport as teams would throw huge amounts of resources at Championship efforts. Much of today's automotive knowledge comes directly from F1 inventions. Things like aerodynamics, multi-valve engines and sequential gearboxes come from F1 experiments. In fact, BMW had a 4 cylinder engine that was just 1.5 litres that made over 1000hp...in the early 1980s!!!! Anyway, the cars became too fast and therefore "dangerous" so the rules committee made things "safer and more fair for everyone".
I can think of a half-dozen other examples...but you get the idea; Government, no matter what it is governing, is seldom the solution to any problem.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry


I agree about NASCAR. Probably the sport with the most potential and the France family screwed the entire thing up.

I've noticed a Trend

in advertising the last 30-40 years to show fathers as bumbling doofuses and women in charge of everything.

God made men and women differently for a reason. Dad is the law, consequences. Mom is the unconditional love part. Together it works. Apart it is chaos.

Single women raising kids alone grow kids that are spoiled and selfish.

Single men who raise kids alone produce neurotic, obnoxious bullies.

A home with a strong male and female figure usually makes for good children.

Media tells us that strong male figure is unnecessary.

And don't get me started on families with a "pussified" dad who hides in his "man Cave", drinks, escapes to sports, plays video games and allows mom to make all the decisions. Like having an extra kid.


There is allot of interesting stuff going on for sure. I have a family member who was involved with a study on the SEAL BUD/S training. They looked at the training program and injury link since inception and found that there are more injuries in the modern era even though more measure toward more safe training had been implemented. Percentage of men with fire in the belly is a relative constant, but men with sufficiently strong joints and very specifically bone density has decreased. Nutrition and latchkey video kids are a likely a factor in this.

Male the law / Female the unconditional love part

Good point but more at the crux of the matter. Instead of recognizing the parts as particularly male and female and to depend on separate male and females to balance the world if you will; we can see these traits as more left and right brained. I believe everyone should strive to be more brain balanced. Left brain (masculine) Self Defense / Right brain (feminine) nurturing. Example, this thread speaks to the pussification of America. Well look at the schools; girls are fist fighting like never before. These senseless acts of aggression manifest from people whom are brain imbalanced. If we depend on individuals to balance the whole you can see where one or the other could get suppressed in many relationships. I'd also argue that that males "should be the heavy handed brute" would lead to no place great just as women should be exclusively nurture, nurture, nurture. Sounds like a recipe for a return to the dark ages.

The real issue here is that we are hooked on professional athletics at all. I was an amateur boxer and martial artist and still enjoy the combative arts, but when ever I tune-in I am disgusted more and more at the marketing schemes that contribute to the extension of adolescence and the dumbing down of adults. To what extent are team wins per season and big money stadium/construction deals linked? How productive is this emphasis of competition OVER cooperation? Who benefits?

I don't see a pussification. I see an androgenization (males and females behaving more alike but not necessarily balanced) and general proliferation of the brain imbalanced collective.

I am glad you brought this up

I am glad you brought this up as I have noticed the same thing as well. They always show men as idiots and totally subserviant to their wives. I think the femenist movement is the other side of that coin as well as it teaches that gender doesnt mean anything and there is no qualities one possesses but not the other.

Men and women are different but their qualities compliment each other as part of a relationship. Hence the term 'My better half'.

At least my scoutmaster fought this tooth and nail. He taught us to be tough and REAL men. If we screwed up we had to stand in front of the troop with our hands behind our backs and get chewed out for a good half hour sometimes.

We used to go out and play "British Bulldogs" in which all the kids lined up and had to run across a field with 4-5 of the older scouts stood in the middle. The game was you had to make it across but the older scouts would tackle you into the ground and if they could pick you up long enough to say "British Bulldogs!" you were now part of the middle group. The kicker though is that if you fought the older guys off long enough to count to ten out loud then you could walk across free. I saw planty of cookie dough, femenized kids come into the troop and it was cool to see them toughen up real quick and they loved it becuase they actually had a way to prove themselves and could hold their heads up higher for it.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.