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The Pussyfication of America

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1. pussyfication
A process, in which over a period of time, someone, or a group of people, develops more and more qualities of being a total pussy.

So I sat down to watch an NFL game this afternoon. Meh, unwatchable.

Time was when you could enjoy seeing a wideout get separated from the ball by a violent DB hit. Those were the days! Legends were made by QBs who stood in the pocket just long enough to get a pass off just before a linebacker delivered his punishment. Today, DBs who do anything more than gently push a receiver out of bounds are flagged for 15, and later in the week fined thousands of dollars by the pussy commish. Lay a hand on a QB and a defensive player is flagged, fined and probably suspended for more games. The QBs know it too. They goad the defense into contact then turn and whine to the officials, inevitably drawing flags.

Gone are the great defenses, strong enough to carry teams into the playoffs. Nope, now it's backyard pitch and catch, no contact, run up the score "football". May as we'll tie flags to their hips and rename the league the PFL.

The NBA went soft years ago. During the glory days, back in the 70's and 80's, any player who took a crunch time sprint down the lane knew he was gonna pay the price. Real men shook it off, stood at the foul line and dropped the two they earned the hard way. Today, if a big takes out a driving point guard he's facing ejection, fines and multi game suspensions. Can you say PBA?

And by the way, this is NOT the doing of the boomers! No siree. Sure, we might be responsible for socialist America, but we didn't pussify this nation!

Nope, you didn't see us placing plastic yellow cones in the street, with signs saying "Child at Play". We're not the ones who put helmets on our kids before we'd let 'em ride their tricycles in the cul-de-sac.

Nope, we were perfectly willing to let our kids run like we did. We told you how we nailed roller skates to two-by-fours, inventing skateboards, and bravely rode them down asphalt hills, avoiding oncoming traffic by veering into curbs and dive rolling into grass, with a good chance we'd roll through dog shit 'cause we also let our animals roam free in the neighborhood and do their business wherever nature called. And BTW if a kid got bit by a dog he'd kick the shit out of the animal to teach it not to mess with him, not go home and whine to Mommy and have her call the SPCA.

Nope, the pussyfication of America stands squarely on the shoulders of the under 50 generations. They've pussyfied this nation! They with their whiney kids with their knee pads and their helmets and their PFL and PBA.

Fuckin NFL officials. Fuckin pussies.

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the NFL has gotten too protective of the offensive players and are too much a factor in the games.

In the old days, the free market kept things from getting out of hand on the field. If you laid a cheap shot on the QB then Dick Butkiss or Jack Tatum or Jack Lambert would return the favor to your quarterback.


You are right, of course, but whenever I see or hear that word I think of this video starring the Heene family (of balloon boy fame):


Drain the swamp!

That video was great. I

That video was great. I wonder why the comments are mostly pussified and only has 880 views?

ROFL Remnant!

Don't sugar coat it...tell us how you really feel!

I'm Not The Only One ...

... who agrees with you.

"So, here’s the deal… politcios… its not about the physical risks.  You aren’t teaching kids how to be physically safe.

You are teaching them to be scared of risks.
You are teaching them to be scared of running, full tilt, eyes closed, as fast as you can toward something…
You are teaching them that its better to be safe than to experience joy.
You are teaching them to pussy out instead of doing something that MIGHT be painful.

So, yes, I fear we are raising a generation of pussies.  But its’ not the physical weakness that scares me.  Its that we might just be raising a generation of kids too scared to take a chance and far to scared to fail."



I gave up on all sports years ago, even ice hockey.

Pussification infiltrates much more than professional sports. Anti-bacterial hand soap; helmets and pads to bicycle, roller blade or skateboard; every strange man is a child molestor; air bags; political correctness; metrosexual guys; school bullying; home security systems; vaccinations for every known virus; anti-gun laws; child labor laws; fair trade coffee; etc.

For generations now, we have been teaching our children to not solve problems and run to an authority figure who will initiate criminal prosecution or a civil suit.

Seat Belts.

Mood stabilizing pharmaceutical drugs.
Political correctness.
Sensitivity training.

And for the sake of all that is holy, DO NOT SPANK YOUR KIDS.

Why does TV News hate people?

It seems the MSM is manufacturing more crime with which to incarcerate Americans. Why the MSM hate free people so much is beyond me. You'd think their business model would be for trying to keep people out of jail. Explaining why thought crimes are a bad idea to enforce and the reasons why, should at least be a talking point. Maybe they have to invent more crimes for people like DUI, Bullying, and word crimes is because a lot of the smoking pot crimes are going away and they're trying to keep the prisons filled.