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Representative Justin Amash Announces Plans to Introduce Bill to Curtail NSA Spying - Again

"This is something Rep. Amash has tried before; last time, his bill to prevent the NSA from stealing everyone’s phone record metadata only failed by a measly 12-vote margin. Maybe this time, with all the new revelations that have happened in the months since, Amash and the others will finally be able to get that last dozen votes to actually effect some sort of change."

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Contact ALL of your reps and demand that they support Justin Amash!

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close the NSA

really? all they going to say is it is CLOSE !!! well it is close but it i not really close just like the government shot down! !!


Screw the Feds - Nullify!

Screw the Feds - Nullify!

Freedom is my Worship Word!


It will pass this time!

if this passes, wonder if anyone will have

the gall to introduce a bill to phase out/defund the NSA completely