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What? C-SPAN Captures Footage of "Mind-Control" on House Floor? (Stenographer mystery)

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I don't know about mind

I don't know about mind control. Looks like the guy w/ white hair might've made her mad too. That could explain why he didn't look up while she was at the podium. Maybe he didn't want to act like he knew her after saying something rude. Just a thought.

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Not sure about mind control either

but doesn't explain why he was inexplicably unfazed by her rant.

Why was he not shocked, like everyone else?

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It's a staged event, guys... a set up for "later"

Thoughts to maybe ponder:
• What are the odds that a man deliberately, almost creepily, nods to that woman, and then she gets up like an automaton, to do what she did in what is clearly a trance-like walk, and that there is no connection b/n these two bizarre actions? I would say the odds are about 0%.
• What are the odds that this same grey-haired man texts so deliberately while the woman is at the podium, disrupting the floor so much that almost everybody else is looking at her. But not the man. I'd say 1 or 2 %.
• What are the odds that the OTHER woman directs, literally and clearly, the stenographer up to the podium, yet this woman has nothing to do with it either? About 0%. (check the video again. Watch the woman to the right of the grey-haired man. After Diane Reidy walks off the screen for a second, on her way to the podium, this woman waves her hand at her, encouraging her, or pointing the final way, to the podium.) Ummm, there is no mistaking this one, no matter what you say about the "innocent" grey haired man.....
• Regarding the obvious overdub by Fox and others. Obviously what Diane said on audio (the loud, clear audio) is from her time before getting in the elevator, up to the time when the door shuts. Clearly, the audio is from here, not from the House floor. But now it gets interesting. People in comments and Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars, in his clip, keep wondering what she said on the House floor itself.
But this is not important, probably. Why? B/c she almost certainly had the same sort of "speech". Why would it be any different? Makes no sense. What happened was that the planned event did not go over like the Players thought it would, since the mic was unfortunately (for them) turned off on the House floor when Diane arrived there to start her mind-controlled rant. So, they just used the rant from the elevator. See that? All they wanted from this event was to get this anti-Masonic message out to the public. The House Floor audio didn't cut it, so they did some quick stitching, and used the elevator audio instead.

Now, one asks: okay, fine, but what was the point of this Staged Event?

• It is clear if you think about it logically that MSM wanted this message to get out. It was on Fox, MSN, and others. Are you with me? So, MSM was told to get this message out. Otherwise, as readers of DP know, if MSM was not "supposed" to get the messsage out, it would simply not have gone out (maximum as a one-time error, then squelched.)
• Which leads to the final stage: what is the message? And why that particular message? It is clearly anti-Freemason, and god bless that. But why are they anti-Freemason in their message? Isn't that counter-productive for them? No! The Super Elite will throw the Freemasons under the bus after some event. That way, they take the fall. The blame will be placed on any group but the real Elite. This we know for sure. Why not pin it on the Freemasons? Would be brilliant, right?

wrong place sry



My question is motive...who & Why? Bizarre. What would be the point?

some founding fathers being

some founding fathers being masons... this could be to to discredit and demonize them in order to damage people's love for the constitution.

Not saying I'm buying this as

Not saying I'm buying this as an example of mind control, but just to answer your question: one possibility is the attempt to discredit and demonize Christians. Many Christians are of an independent mindset--i.e. homeschooling, providing for themselves, etc. They are definitely a hated group by those who want to consolidate power and control every aspect of our lives.

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He was the only one in the room who

didn't have to stop what he was doing to see what the flock was going on, instead he turns his back and starts messing with his phone right when she starts with her rant?

Strange, indeed.

I dont know...look at the guys....

all around her as she's escorted out...nobody is phased or worried, etc...

Wow, a manchurian

Wow, a manchurian candidate!?

If so, what is the motive?


interesting indeed...

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