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: Mass Shooting in Nevada Middle School - Multiple Down #GunFreeZone

10/21/13 - Mass Shooting in Nevada Middle School - Multiple Down ------ A shooting took place at the Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nev., according to reports on Monday. KRNV-TV reported at around 7:45 a.m. that the shooting took place. Police officials told the station that the suspect has been "neutralized."
School officials called on parents to go to the Agnes Risley school to pick up their children. It is unclear if there were any injuries.


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Bullying awareness.

Washoe County, NV School District recently declared October "Bullying Awareness Month."
One student quoted in the press said the shooter had been bullied add was possibly responding to having been bullied. The teacher was probably shot because he was interfering in this fight to end bullying.
An article I read recently said these school anti-bullying programs are more likely to increase bullying by educating bullies in new techniques and ways to bully without getting caught than to stop it.
The public school officials do a lot of bullying of their own. Students learn by example.
So far, the news has been mum about a motive or whether the shooter was on meds.

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Gun-Free Zone = Shooting Gallery

It bears repeating as too many people still haven't figured it out yet, but if you want to be accurate, instead of calling them "Gun-Free Zones" (Orwellian Double-Speak since they almost always get shooters) they should simply be dubbed "Shooting Galleries", it would save a lot of confusion and probably countless lives.

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Reno Gazette Journal. Shooting Scene Sparks NV 10/ 21/2013

Reno Gazette Journal. 29 second newsreel. Sparks City PD Swat vehicle(s) on scene @ 22 second mark.

Sparks, Nevada Middle School. Shooting location map, before school, 10/21/2013

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If it were halted by armed citizens a cover-up will follow.

News at 11. Maybe.

Free includes debt-free!

Sparks Police: Official Recruiting Ad: Combat; SWAT; & Jobs

City of Sparks PD, Nevada Now hiring! - Sparks Police Department. 165 person police department & growing. Serving a city population of 92,000 (circa 2012).

Min : Sec ~ Description
0:00 Professional dramatic opening http://www.CityofSparks.US
0:10 CHIP's (California Highway Patrol) TV Show style opening
0:16 U.S. Army (style combat training; ; flash-bang)
0:22 Training wheels; lots of crash bars
0:25 Horse patrol
0:27 Bicycle patrol
0:30 Deluxe Paddy Wagon
0:32 Combat training
0:34 S.W.A.T. dressing room
0:36 Weight room; exercise machines
0:38 Dispatch
0:40 K-9 training
0:43 D.A.R.E Drug Patrol
0:47 Surveilanc stations with multiple screens
0:49 Guns stored in open barrels next to filing cabinets
1:00 Combat
1:04 Sparks Police Department - "Where Community Comes First"
1:22 Meet the Sparks City Chief of Police.
1:58 K-9 training
2:02 Volunteers
2:18 "We have a small town feel. We are still willing to take the small calls. We are still responsive to the public requests. So, we don't take little things lightly."
2:55 "The Sparks Police Department is 165 strong & growing." (population 92,000)
4:00 "Here are some of the specialized career opportunities at Sparks P.D.: Traffic; K-9; Mounties; Combat; Bomb Retriever; Finger-print duster; Bike Team; Gang Team; Honor Guard; Accident; Crisis; Suppression; Outreach; 911
0931 Combat. http://www.CityofSparks.US Now hiring!
[Recruiting promotional announcement, paid for by the safe & sane taxpayers of Sparks, Nevada.]

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

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No mention on Drudge yet...

This would be a hard one for the gun control people to attack. Not because of the tragedy, but because it would put Dingy Harry Reid front and center of the issue and Nevada is a HUGE gun rights state. There would be no support for gun control...

Amazing how often fools and governments see violence...

as their only option :(

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Look at the comments to the video

For a second I thought I was on the Daily Paul. :-)

Kim JongLulz 4 minutes ago
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More false flags to attack our 2nd amendment rights. Consider the source. After 911, obl, benghazi, aurora theater, sandy hook, et al, I don't believe a frigging thing coming out of the presstitute propaganda machine

carlmolito 19 minutes ago
This story must be fake. Schools are a gun free zone. Everyone knows you aren't allowed to bring guns into a gun free zone. That's what it means GUN FREE!!!!
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AreYouSeriousFool 29 minutes ago
What is the definition the govt goes by to call this a "mass" shooting? I can only hope & pray that our Federal Govt would not stoop this low but has anyone noticed that these nightmares happen almost every 2 weeks SINCE THE AGENDA IS OBVIOUSLY TO MAKE HARSHER GUN LAWS OR BAN THEM ALTOGETHER? I HORRIFIC THAT DOUBTS ENTER MY MIND, BUT REALLY I DONT KNOW HOW ALL OF A SUDDEN THESE ARE HAPPENING IN RECORD #S
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GodGunsGutsGlory4KJV 31 minutes ago
Here we go again.
Don't believe anything funnled through CNN
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Taffym619 37 minutes ago
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Clembo 37 minutes ago
Fake story. This was in a gun free zone.
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.hcc grad 41 minutes ago
another gun free zone.
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XPIOLT 48 minutes ago
This month's false flag.

Not a false flag. Legit shooting.

Two boys did it and they are hardly reporting on it. If it were a false flag, it would be all over the place!!!!

Sparks Middle School

The fact this incident is not all over the news is, and I agree with Ralph, an indication is not a false flag. Reports now that 2 are dead and 2 are critical and rumors that one that is dead is a shooter.

Plus 1

... I'm in total agreement

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Thanks for posting Ralph


He's the man.