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PCR: Pakistan TV Exposes Bin Laden Killing Hoax and (new) Documentary Exposes 9/11 Official Story

Original Bashir interview that contradicts Washington’s account of killing bin Laden

A website in the UK, themindrenewed.com, that downloaded the video from the link in my original report of the Pakistani TV interview with Mohammad Bashir has posted the interview with the original English subtitles. You can view it here:


This interview of an eyewitness to the entire event is powerful evidence that the Obama regime’s story of the killing of Osama Bin Laden and his burial at sea is a hoax and a lie. Pakistani Samaa TV confirms that Bashir is who he says he is and that he lives next to the alleged bin Laden compound. Samaa TV also confirms that neighbors knew the residents of the “compound.” There has never been any mention of the Bashir interview in the presstitute media.

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theres this place,

theres this place, see
something happened there
we know your unlikely to visit let alone understand the language
so we thought we'd "translate" for you this thing we think you should see, while doing our best to get something from it

can you guess the word mr governement?

If one chopper of seals

If one chopper of seals touched the ground during the raid, how did they all make it home to see their families? Based on this story they all died, right?

What if the shot down helicopter incident not long after the

supposed Bin Laden raid was to create a cover story for the deaths of the seals on the Bin Laden mission?

I really haven't thought this through. I'm just thinking out loud. Had any of Seal Team 6 talked with their family in between events? Again, just thought this was interesting. I'm not saying I think this is the case. It's just a thought that popped in my head.

I know one of the seal's wrote a book about the event that the military was "supposedly" upset about but that could be part of the cover too. I don't know. This is another layer to this.


Hidden truth or a "leaked" Propaganda tool to Burn Barry?

Thank you for posting this.


damn, thats pretty crazy.

damn, thats pretty crazy. thanks for posting