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Why bitcoin is imperative to people in the global economy.

Here is a good write up of the decoupling from the gold standard in 1971, and the dramatic rise in inflation & prices, and how it relates to bitcoin.

You're asking the wrong questions.

The debt-based global monetary system and the policies therein, should be on the forefront of everyone's mind. It should be on the cover of Time Magazine, The Economist and on every news channel. The questions about stock market performance, the debt ceiling and various other main-stream-buzz-words, is only covering the symptom. There is nothing about the core problems.

The mention of the Federal Reserve is usually done in reference to interest rates. The discussion of QE (Quantitative Easing) is only done in terms of "how much and for how long". The real world definition of QE is lost on the majority of people. Sure, a few pundits & economists will briefly explain what it is. The unfortunate aspect is, these real-world definitions should be the preponderance of information flowing into the public.

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