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Alabama Homeschooling Family Sends Six of Ten Children to College By Age Twelve

MONTGOMERY – A homeschooling family from Montgomery, Alabama is wowing many across the nation as six of their ten children have enrolled in college by the age of twelve, and the four remaining hope to do the same.


The four oldest Harding children have all graduated from college and are pursuing lucrative careers.
Heath Harding, now 17, was the youngest student ever to graduate from Huntingdon College. He graduated at 15 went on to obtain a master’s degree in computer science.
His sister Serennah, 22, is the youngest female physician in the U.S., and is pursuing a career as a Navy doctor.
Rosannah, 20, has been working as an architect since she was 18. She credits homeschooling and studying on her own for her success.

“We just [studied] at our own pace,” she told reporters. “Rather than a class of 30, we were a class of three. So, we each did it at our own pace and we just accelerated.”

His sister Hannah, 25, is now designing spacecraft as a mechanical engineer and holds a masters degrees in math and computer science.

this is so awesome I just don't have any words..if you have kids in public schools take them out now..!!

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My greatest regret is not

My greatest regret is not knowing fifteen years ago what I know now and not pulling my son out of the government ran schools.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Morons run the schools today

Morons run the schools today

With school shootings and

With school shootings and rules about not bringing your own lunch to school, hopefully more people will see homeschooling as an option. As Ron Paul states in his new book, the Internet will do to traditional schools that e-mail did to the Post Office.

This is exactly

what we will be doing at my house.

1 boy currently who is a toddler and a girl on the way.

Changing the world one baby at a time.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Why go to college, though.

Why go to college, though. Higher education is not much better than lower education when the state interferes. Much of what is taught is not useful.

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It depends on what you go to

It depends on what you go to college for. The reality of it is that too many people go to college for the wrong reasons. It seems that these people made wise choices.

Drain the swamp!

Reminds me of

the Swann family (Ben Swann). IIRC he was 1 of 9(?) that graduated HS and College super early.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

I Spent Hours and Hours in Class

To avoid boredom, I spent hours in class reading novels from the library. It was a great education. I learned to see the world from many points of view.

Did you know you can get A's by asking questions in class? Proof you're paying attention is rewarded.

Just think, all those kids are already paying into Social Security and Income Tax. They'll still have to wait for a pay-out, however.

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Results not atypical.

Results not atypical.

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Great story

Though it makes me feel like an underachiever.

Well.... shit!

That's amazing! Score +6 for homeschooling!

Very Impressive

Wonder how many public school teachers achieved that lol

Puts the fictional Bing Bang Theory to shame