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Exclusive: Dr Mike Vasovski Discusses Reasons For Going Off The “Insurance Grid”


South Carolina Doctor Mike Vasovski has joined a growing group of doctors and taken his medical practice off the insurance grid.

Last week Dr. Vasovski wrote on his Facebook page:

“My medical practice has gone off line. Effective yesterday, the computers that contain patient’s account information including billing diagnosis, have been completely de-linked from the internet. Therefore, your health information is completely secure. Accounting will be done in house with Quickbooks on a PC that is not connected to the internet. We are moving towards a payment at time of service model in which my practice does not participate with insurance companies. Fees will be truly affordable and your medical records will not be in a format that can be accessed electronically. Peace and Liberty, Dr. Mike Vasovski.”

In an interview with Joshua Cook, he discussed a variety of reasons – both ideological and practical – for his choice, and described the effects of these actions on patients. Vasovski showed how such practices could keep a free market healthcare system alive even as Obamacare takes effect.

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is Dr. Mike in

Aiken SC

I think so