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Is ObamaCare Y2K Compliant?

Is the Affordable Care Act Y14 Compliant? Or even Y2K compliant for that matter?

I worked briefly at a health insurance company in 1998-99. The big deal at that time was Y2K compliance. By July of that year when I left the company had already spent over a million dollars in addition to replacing everyone's PC one floor at a time in an effort to get up to speed. This often involved shutdowns of a dozen or two Claims CSRs stations in the middle of the day or evening. Anyone who says Y2K wasn't a big deal wasn't working in a modern cube farm - it was a big expensive pain(although the updates with their accompanying quote of the day was very nice).

So besides the eerily sneaking question about whether ObamaCare is Y2K compliant, I'm also curious to know:

How many chiropractic visits are covered each month?

Is chiropractic considered physical therapy?

Are private hospital rooms covered differently from semi-private rooms?

Is supplemental accident coverage still optional as a rider or are accidents automatically covered? Is there a limit, as with a rider?

Will there be mandated coverage of outpatient psychiatric visits such as in Maryland?

Will the new order be 'turn your head to the left and cough?

Is common law marriage recognized?

Are dependents up to 25 covered under their parents policy at a discount? Or are they required to go under their current employer's plan?

Can PPOs - Preferred Provider Organizations - still offer their network discounts?

Are ambulance calls covered? Will this result in more unnecessary emergency calls?

Are allowable charges still variable depending on the cost of doing business in various geographic regions, or is there a set amount allowed regardless of the rents and property taxes?

Will hospitals still have an in-house lab or will it all be contracted out to big-name labs like Smithkline-Beacham?

Will doctors be able to practice at any location, not just the approved ones indicated by their individual tax ID numbers?

Will insurance companies be able to keep their internal procedure codes or will they have to convert to a national system?

Are automobile insurance companies required to pick up a portion of medical costs incurred in an accident through the subrogation process?

Are insurance companies required to share valuable and proprietary actuarial tables and data?

What are the training standards for Ask-A-Nurse lines?

Will name-brand pharmaceuticals be covered for individuals in which it is shown that the 5% difference between a name-brand and the generic equivalent causes an adverse reaction in the patient?

Are the after-shot lollipops fat-free?

Are self-funded policies, administered 3rd-party by an insurance company with their own custom policies, allowed to operate?

How will emergency visits in a foreign country be paid?

Will independent insurance salesmen still have a variety of products from different competing companies for their valued lifelong customers to choose from?

Anyone else have any questions for the list?

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just a few thoughts

off the top of my corpus collosum.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

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Chris, thanks for the stamps!

I went to the Post Office for a final check, and look what I had waiting for me!

Wow! What a great surprise.

The Post Office was kind - they didn't cancel any of the stamps. I enjoyed looking at them tremendously, (not to mention what was inside). What a piece of history.

I'm going to keep this, along with all the other mail I've received while at the helm of the Daily Paul. I still have every piece that was every sent me.

Now I'm going to go light some fires!

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Wow - you own my DNA! But other than that -

Proof you are no robot!


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

you got them! You got them!

A throwback to 2008 - delivered just in time.

Yeah - sometimes they manually cancel the heck out of 'em - musta sprayed them this time with that blacklight ink - with extra BPA for good measure!!!

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Is there a larger model for the obese?


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.