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Journalists Tim Pool and Amber Lyon Fired On By Anaheim Police - This Is Free Press?

I watched a lot of live streaming from OWS. I didn't ever catch this one where the Anaheim Police shoot a variety of weapons at Journalists Tim Pool and Amber Lyon.


First off, the 1st Amendment guarantees the right to a free press.
Secondly, the Anaheim Police shoot at them despite the fact that they raised their press passes over their heads. It's almost like they wanted to take out the press like they would in the Middle East.

But this is America.

They are shooting at women and journalists. I can't say there could be much more of a cowardice act than this. These are cowards, not law enforcement.
Actually they are enemies of the Constitution, certainly not Oath Keepers.

So it's not just dogs and 105 year old men they shoot at.

This is what we get from the lies of 911.

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bump for Free Press and bump

bump for Free Press and bump against Pigs shooting women and journalists and dogs

Be Your Own Media!!!

Lyons exposed CNN

For taking money to run fake stories for the US & foreign governments & corporations.
Maybe that's got sumn to do with it.

Words From The Past

"If we don't stand up and fight while we can win, we'll have to fight, give our blood, when there is no hope of winning"

We've become the land of the freak and the home of the coward...