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The Liberty Tree, Lexington Mass

I had a last minute errand to take care of up in Lexington before my trip. It was a beautiful fall day, and even though the phone on my camera isn't the greatest, I took a few photos.

Here is the historic Buckman Tavern, where the conspiracy of the Revolution was plotted, by fringe elements of society.

Nearby was this beautiful tree:

At the base of the tree was this plaque, proclaiming it to be the Liberty Tree.

- - - - -

I wish the pictures were better, but you get the idea.

Take care, everyone.

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You Might Miss Charlie:

He'll be around on Oct. 31, Halloween, smiling face.



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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Taiwan.

I was there today, the above. The pictures are crappy. There is something wrong with the color on my phone. But they're good enough - excellent, in fact - to help me remember this day.

Because the place I'm headed is little different than that.

- - - - - -

Seriously, it is practically like being on a different planet.

It's the same but only different.

He's the man.