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My 11th Grade Daughter's Bi-Weekly Column in Local Paper about the Debt Ceiling

This past week was another pivotal moment in U.S. History. I know this because every television news station, radio news station, newspaper, news magazine and news website told me so, daily. We raised the debt ceiling. Again. I think it is something like 24 gazillion dollars now. And, from what I understand, come February, it still won’t be enough. I wish my allowance worked like this.

I know that my generation is not supposed to be paying attention to this kind of stuff. We are supposed to be paying attention to the MTV Music Awards and debating whether or not Miley Cyrus has successfully shed her wholesome Hannah Montana image. (For sake of argument, I dare to say she has.) However, I think we should be focusing on what is happening in Washington, D.C., because all this debt that our country continues to create is going to affect our generation drastically. I know it would take me a few billing cycles to pay back 17,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo. For those that have never seen so many zeros, that’s 17 TRILLION.

All we have playing at my house is news, 24/7. So, I hear a lot of what is happening, whether I like it or not. What was really interesting to me was all the political theater that took place. I mean, did people really believe that we WOULDN’T raise the debt ceiling? We have raised it close to 100 times. That’s what I call a precedent. And yet, if you watched the news and heard everybody discussing what a “nail biter” this was, you would have thought that we were definitely going off that fiscal cliff. All I could think of was the Price is Right’s Cliffhanger game, you know, the one with the yodeler scaling up the mountain? I am sure that the contestants would love the amount of leeway the government gives itself.

I hope our representatives in Washington start to be more fiscally responsible. If not, I guess come February, we can all look forward to seeing how our tax dollars (yes, I have a job and pay taxes!) are spent. At least, maybe next time part of the shutdown can include the Congressional gym and spa. Funny, that was the first thing that went when our family’s budget got cut.

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That is awesome

Syndicate it!!

I don't know if I'd raise her allowance,

but I'd certainly give her a small bonus for writing this.
I have a feeling that she'd spend it well.

She probably would spend it

She probably would spend it (or save it) better than 85% of Congress!

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