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Dr. Paul on Glenn Beck Show tomorrow? 10/22

I heard someone mention that Dr. Paul will be interviewed by Glenn Beck on his show (radio? TV?) tomorrow, Tuesday, 10/22. Can anyone confirm this, and the time, etc.? I couldn't find any details of it with my searching.

Update: Just found a link...


Who will be joining Glenn on TV this week?

Glenn has some pretty exciting guests coming up this week on the Glenn Beck Program. Don’t miss the Glenn Beck Program weeknights at 5pm ET only on TheBlaze.

-- Tuesday, 10/22: Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul joins Glenn to discuss his new homeschooling initiative.

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I'm at work right now, and

I'm at work right now, and watching the Blaze (for work reasons... really) Anyway... it's not very loud, but I thought I just heard him say Ron Paul was going to be on tomorrow talking about home schooling.

edit: well nm, I didn't see your link. He musta said today :)