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Alaska CP founder running for Governor 2014

"Countless people have told me they are tired of politics as usual, Alaska and our country are in big trouble. Now is the time for corrective action, to return to our heritage of hard fought Liberty. If the majority of the people, who do not belong to any party, awaken, arise and get involved in the process, anything is possible! If elected, I intend to be the Governor of all Alaskans. I am approachable, and willing to engage in respectful dialogue. I invite everyone to consider the ACP when registering to vote, and to vote for me as your Governor come November 2014." - J.R.Myers for Alaska Governor 2014


I don't know the guy's positions really well, so this isn't an endorsement per se, but he is a legit liberty candidate, and voting 3rd party in a general is always helpful. Please if you live in Alaska check him out, spread the word, and make an informed decision.

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