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White House Obamacare team: Best, brightest — and a mystery

The “best and the brightest” also appear to be the cloaked and elusive.

President Barack Obama insists he’s culled the country’s tech elite to help repair the mangled Healthcare.gov website. But the administration hasn’t made its smart new crew public, and any of the tech companies or federal contractors involved remain tight-lipped.

The silence may stem from a tangle of obstructions and fears — from the complex legal requirements for federal procurement contracts to the increasingly volatile politics associated with Obamacare.

“Experts from some of America’s best private sector tech companies” have volunteered to help, Obama said from the Rose Garden on Monday. “They want it to work. They are reaching out.”

But it’s not even clear to some in Silicon Valley how tech could save it.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/10/white-house-obamacare-...

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Shoot! This has ONE upvote!?!?

While the White House is scrambling to explain low enrollment numbers among younger citizens.....townhall.com is reporting that hackers extracted 70,000 records in 4 minutes!


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As a tech professional I'm

As a tech professional I'm enjoying this website "glitch", and watching the administration scramble to fix something they have no idea how to fix.

I can almost guarantee you that the back story on this is that non techies designed and micromanaged the development of this monstrosity and dismissed any concerns raised by techies.

Either that, or if the PM was a techie, he/she was given the job for reasons other than professional competence.

Hopefully the back story will come out.

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I give you this video by Dave

I give you this video by Dave Jones:
EEVblog #40 - Dilbert and the world of micro managed Engineering

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