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Anyone else find this odd... Is the House Bugging Out?

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... or will they all just be

bugged by the time they get home?
NSA rewiring job maybe?

Good point...

If they do make it back

I just called..

Amash's Washington office and he said that he wasn't sure if Justin was going. He said they he wouldn't be aware if Justin has decided to go, but he agreed it would be a scary idea to have all the reps fly down on one or two planes.

only fools would all fly together...

only fools would all fly together...


“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Wait! really?

I can not watch the video so I was unaware that they plan to all board the same planes. You are right, this has false flag opportunity written all over it. If these were blown out of the sky we would have an uncontested dictatorship and martial law immediately. I think the nut in the white house would actually do something like this and blame it on foreign or domestic terrorists! Yep, very Dumb indeed.

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Wait - are they putting all

Wait - are they putting all the republicans on one plane and the democrats on another? Hmmmmmm....opportunity.

trying to avoid

the demonstration in DC on Saturday

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Well...if we have knowledge

Well...if we have knowledge that they will all be leaving the white house, I say we take over the white house....

Maybe the SHTF is about to happen...

...and they are all heading for their underground bunkers/cities to wait for everyone on the surface to kill each other over scraps of food.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

More likely they are just looking forward to fun in the sun.

Probably going to shoot footage for "Congress Gone Wild Volume 8" after the funeral.

If it really was SHTF time I think the puppets in Congress would be the last to know.


It serves as an evacuation drill as well.

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Telling sentence from the article:

"After passing a deal to raise the debt ceiling and reopen government, the Senate went on an 11-day vacation."

So, they "shut down" the parts of government that will hurt We the People the most; then they reopen it, and immediately take an almost two week vacation!

That says a lot about their priorities.

Not that it matters, really; the world has different priorities, and they can't hold back the tide.

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Wipe out congress in one shot and create a need for martial law

Wipe out congress in one shot and create a need for martial law. If any of these congressman have any sense, they will stay far away from this, especially is Dick Cheney is around lurking in the shadows.

Quick! Hurry!

Someone change the locks!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

When I read that from Drudge's link

This morning, several thoughts kept to my mind.

A.) if I were a congressman " no thanks, I think I will drive myself down to Florida. ", this stemmed of " to easy an opportunity for mischief " to me from the door: I am expecting a foul turn of events.

B.) who is the Deceased, and why haven't we heard his name before? I've been a news hound for what , ten, twenty years and his name rings no bells, odd ?!

The only good thing I can see is that Florida isn't connected to the DUMBs as far as I know, so if they are bugging out they aren't going to a hole in the ground.

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False Flag?

Not saying it will, but what if something happens to the one plane that most of our lawmakers are on? Seems odd that they are all flying together! Martial Law?


they don't all fly together, this is a plan for something else. Companies don't even fly their CEO and next in charge on the same plane. Let alone everyone in management.

Maybe Thursday is the day we have been waiting for.... maybe

time to occupy Florida and do a web cam bomb

to see who does what! I think its time for "Operation Embarrassment"

This is what happens when

This is what happens when they raise the debt ceiling. How much do you want to bet they all are bringing sun screen and swim suites?

don't forget

don't forget golf clubs and mistresses

I'm thinking Poland. Too many

I'm thinking Poland. Too many elected officials on a small number of planes. This seems strange...

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but it seems like the normal waste of taxpayer money to me.

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