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New, Improved Obamacare Program Released On 35 Floppy Disks

President Obama told reporters this morning...the updated Obamacare software is mouse-compatible and requires a 386 Pentium processor with at least 8 MB of system RAM to function properly. “Just fire up MS-DOS, enter ‘A:\>dir *.exe’ into the command line, and then follow the instructions to install the Obamacare batch files—it should only take four or five hours at the most. You can press F1 for help if you run into any problems. And be sure your monitor’s screen resolution is at 320 x 200 or it might not display properly.” Obama added that the federal government hopes to have a six–CD-ROM version of the program available by 2016.


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Someone help me please, i

Someone help me please, i keep getting a blue screen of death, i REA-lly want, obamaTax

......i mean care......no wait, was right the first time

Yeah, Obamacare doesn't work

in MS-DOS mode within Windows 95. You actually have to hold shift while booting and run the command from there. I will warn you that users are reporting disk #24 to be corrupted in 9 out of 10 boxes.

You can connect to the Obamacare BBS via your modem to download the corrupted disk, but you'll need atleast 2400 baud and have to pay the long distance charges.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

*dumbfounded look

*dumbfounded look 8O*

*recovers* cant i just, you know.....turn it off, and then turn it on again?!


Hilarious, but not far from the truth. I'd suspect at the time,

most mainframes that were used to hack out the program WERE using tape storage. (though not cassettes as you picture here - but rather large reels.)

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if many tape systems aren't still in place today.

I wanna know ...

... where is Al Gore when you need him?

Don't tell me, it's actually going to be efficient!

By 2016, it should be SINGLE PAYER, thereby eliminating the need for all that bulky stuff!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul