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This lady is running for congress: Marianne Williamson

Saw it on Drudge: Marianne Williamson Running for Congress. The name is only vaguely familiar. I looked her up and found this interview on YouTube

Marianne Williamson on the Gift of Change. The interview starts at about 1:00:


Her take-home message is that we must submit not to our egos, which tell us we are separate from God, but instead surrender to God, of whom we are all a part. While she does refer to all minds being joined and describes the world we know as a dream from which we must awaken, she differs from other New Thought and New Age thinkers by balancing an assumption that the negative things of this world (especially illness and adversity) are illusory with the fact that they feel real to us and that we must take practical steps to overcome them. She recommends embracing love and eschewing fear, arguing that we will encounter a loving world when we stop assuming it is hostile. She says that while we are not responsible for the bad things that happen to us, the universe is always primed to give us a new beginning, if only we can forgive, atone and trust that our loving attitudes and good works make a profound difference.

A most interesting development indeed.

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If she got hooked up with some Austrian Economic lessons I think she'd be much more appealing as a politician.

I've got a couple of her audio recordings from the '90s...

I believe that she believes completely everything she said then and says now.

even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas

Marianne and others of her ilk

What good does it do when you believe in helping others and then the action you take to achieve your goal, is political action which is socialist and wreaks of economic ignorance?

What good is it when you believe in peace and spirituality, and don't realize that any and all 'helpful' government action is violence and theft against the innocent?

Driving with Ru Paul

She just posted this on her facebook page. It came up in my feed. LOL!


She' very popular

and well-known in the spiritual movement that combines new age with awakening. She was the minister at a Unity Church in Michigan for awhile and she has a huge ego. I figured she would run with the Democrats; running as an independent because that is the only option she has as she would never win the Dem primary.

I have a lot of respect for the course in miracles; but never been really swept up in the Marianne Williamson cult. Like I said, she loves herself the best.

Interesting lady, thanks MN,

probably, we need more posts like this. While I can agree with what she is saying, how many of our fine statesmen would think or agree with anything she says?

The only thing I would say to her is that God won't do anything for you, you do it for yourself, through the God within, and he will help if you ask.

But, on the other hand, can you imagine a DC full of people like her?

from her website:


Absolutely I am. And if elected, I would caucus with the Democrats.

America’s best ideas have often emerged from outside the party system. Social Security didn’t come from a major party; it emerged from the Socialist Party.


She's a bleeding heart liberal progressive who knows nothing about economics.

Thanks man :)

Sorry Michael, we've to downvote this post and take it off the front-page. Can't support 'progressives' :D

I believe she also wrote "A

I believe she also wrote "A Return to Love". I still have her book and have given them as gifts.

America is getting there...

Her emergence in the political arena says more about

America as a nation of addicts than anything else.

I am intimately familiar with her work. I spent several years submerged in it when I was going through recovery.
And for that her work is very good.

But for politics we have the benchmark that is Ron Paul. A founding principles foundation.

Marianne on the other hand is geared toward fearful or fear paralyzed people who need to recover their ability to take healthy risks, healthy risks, healthy risks, in life. No I didn't stutter.

She used to be a big Oprah guest all the time

She had a few books out and got everyone to read that book called "A Course in Miracles"...Deep mind stuff.

Interesting, indeed.

All through her interview, the one thing that kept popping into my head:

Unintended consequences.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I do, however, believe that people should be more aware, but at the same time do not meddle, unless personally and specifically asked/volunteered.

Collective anything as a blanket statement or belief does not sit well with me.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul