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Anybody know a good direct-care physician in mpls/st. paul?

I am looking for a direct-care physician in the mpls/saint paul area. Any other locals with recommendations?

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Doctor Jim Eelkema?

If you need a family practice doctor on the southern end of the TC, I suggest trying Jim (James) Eelkema (pronounced "L kah mah"). He is a no insurance accepted cash-only doctor with very cheap rates.

Dr Eelkema was a colleague of my father for many years and my father helped him set up this business so he could be free of all the stupid insurance rules and hoops and keep things simple.

He doesn't have a website, but try here: http://local.yahoo.com/info-43574282-eelkema-james-md-timewi...

Oh, and tell him Dr. Schneider's son Daniel sent you 8)