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Is it important to discuss genocide?

No links here; I have none.

How can *we* discuss genocide without attacking any particular country and still be self-evaluating as Americans?

Dr. Paul said that the CIA was complicit; he blames/blamed the CIA for a lot of the trouble in the world--

He said he hoped that if he were president he could get rid of the organization--

*we* have former CIA agents who were fairly high level who mention that the U.S./CIA has been in countries all over the world fomenting and creating revolutions and wrecking havoc and . . .

implementing genocide.

Can it be agreed that all cultures and all nations are implicit but that *we*, as Americans, have a responsibility to clean up *our own* backyard?

Finding the truth is important.

Yes, it's difficult when so few true journalists even exist anymore--

but is this important?

There was a discussion about a country that is not supposed to be mentioned and the right for a nation to limit who comes across its borders--

I agree that that is a problem, but in every case, as *I* see it, where illegal immigration is a problem, U.S. foreign policy seems to be behind it--

As an American, even if I have very little power, shouldn't I be aware of what *my* tax dollars are doing?

Shouldn't we all?

Sorry to use "should", but I really am asking an honest question.

By the way, this can be discussed without talking about the nation that shall not be mentioned--

here is a classic example:


France is having to deal with middle eastern refugees, which were created by U.S. interventions (directly or indirectly)--

but France is not "innocent" in terms of meddling around the world either--

how/where/when do *we* say, "enough!"--

here is another:


How many of *us* are naive enough not to believe (based upon the escapades of the Clintons, etc.) that the U.S. has not supported chaos in Mexico?

Why the randomness of rounding people up and deporting them?

I am undecided on immigration, because I don't think a country that has lost its integrity (from the beginning) as much as the U.S.--

can make wise decisions about who should stay and who should go--

How can this be discussed so that the revolution can involve not only bringing troops home (progress is being made in waking up many military members)--

but stopping the international thuggery of the CIA?

Thank you if you read this; thank you even more if you respond--

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You don't have to look at other countries

to find genocide, what do you think Big Phama, and the Military Industrial Banking Cartel, and OphamaCare are doing to US citizens?
The genocide is the same, just the killing is different.

I think it's important

Here's some facts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_and_anthropogenic_...

When you read that list, look at the dates, when it says Holy land, that's where Jews were slaughtered and their land taken, they are victims, and yet, there is a very strong movement to make them oppressors and tyrants, yet not once are they mentioned on that list as perpetrators.

I think it's important to ask, why are the people who are seeking amnesty in Israel running from countries that are experincing genocide and displacement. It is not Israel doing that.. and the irony, that millions of people are seeking Amnesty in Israel, while most Americans are saying Israel should not exist, or should shrink it's borders.. how is this picture jiving with with you? It doesn't juve to me, and that's why I'm beginning to believe that it is no accident what YouTube is selling, which isn't reporting on what's going on in Sudan.

I watched a YouTube of a guy who escaped from Sudan and tells how he illegally immigrated to Israel,, how desperate people are.. we take computers for granted.. ask Malala.. we take a lot for granted.

Here's how the UN deals with genocide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFE44BUuLkQ


Malala isn't an Israeli. What is your point? How should we ask her? What should we ask her?

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

She's a Muslim

She represents all that is great about Islam, the side that loves Israel and Israel LOVES back. http://www.jewishpress.com/blogs/shiloh-musings/watching-mal...

Well for certain the Taliban are cave dwelling luddites,

in both the technological and social sense, but I still don't get your exact point about Malala. Sure, she loves Israel, and Israel is happy to have a smiley brown muslim girl that likes them, and who is a walking demonstration of the stupidity of one of their enemies. But what is it that Malala would tell us that you were alluding to?

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

their enemies?

Malala would tell us that "their enemies" are their own enemies, and that is the point.

For this sort of news

I've been visiting www.antiwar.com since 2003.

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