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Ron Paul to appear on GBTV tonight (Glenn Beck TV) 5:00pm ET (Tuesday)

Glenn Beck has been hyping on Monday's and Tuesday's radio program that he will have as a guest Ron Paul for 1 hour on Tuesday at 5:00 ET (GBTV) http://www.video.theblaze.com/shows/index.jsp?content=glenn_...

This is a subscription based internet TV - (FYI).

Ron Paul will talk about his homeschooling initiative.

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I hope Ron takes a shower after his appearance on Beck's network

After the back handed comments Beck has made about Ron in the last 2 presidential races, favoring McCain & Palin ticket over Paul, and then in the last election favoring Bachmann, Santorum and then finally the Romney ticket over Paul - it's drives me crazy.

Beck hasn't done anything good for Ron.
Beck would have Ron call up on his radio program and present Ron as some sorta throwback forefather oddity that is in a presidential race only then (time after time) side with the establishment neo-con (in the race!) After Ron would hang up the phone with Beck - Beck and company (on air) would label Ron an isolationist because they didn't like Ron's policy concerning protecting Israel (no matter what and no matter cost) - a Zionists' Achilles heal.

If I were Paul I'd snub Glenn Beck - but that's me and Ron is a better man than me.

Here ya go, Foamfoot, just for you:


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

that is a good one

I've seen that a time a or 2...
I also DL'd it!