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Tea Party Patriots .ORG is Operated By NeoCons - Warning! TeaPartyPatriots a Neo-Con Organization!

If you had reviewed the "Tea Party Patriots" discussion board (http://teapartypatriots.ning.com) during the 2012 election, you would have experienced that those members and moderators running and monitoring the board, consistently promoted the Neo-Con republican candidates and harassed Ron Paul and Ron Paul Supporters from beginning to end.

It is no surprise Sean Hanity promotes this forum that consistently promotes the propaganda line for the Neo Conservative directive.

And guides the Conversations accordingly.

They promoted Gingrich until his last breath;
They promoted Perry until he quit.
They promoted Romney until he lost.

All the while, except for the posts a few Ron Paul supporters placed, they all but black balled Ron Paul and chastised his supporters.

Just a heads up when using the Tea Party Patriots Discussion Board.

American Patriot Party.CC

Educate Yourself. Educate Others.

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In my life

there was a local Sons of Liberty and Redman Society fraternal orders, and before Ron Paul made his presidential bid in 07, they had commenced annually dressed as framers and indians, playing fifes and drums and making speaches about liberty and throwing crates into the river.. It seemed natural to me that Ron Paul would be honored by them in 07 giving them some exposure.



Old news, but good info for

Old news, but good info for the newer folks.