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Democrat accuses CNN of cherry-picking anti-Obamacare news (LOL)

Democratic strategist and pollster Cornell Belcher accuses CNN of “cherry-picking” negative stories about Obamacare after they included an interview of a woman disappointed in her increased rates from Healthcare.gov. Anderson Cooper responded by pointing out that they had just reported on the President’s speech where he was surrounded by cherry-picked ‘success stories.’ This is spit-your-coffee-out amazing:

"We have the president saying that millions upon millions of Americans are going to be able to afford this then you have CNN saying–who’s supposed to be sort of the ‘middle guy’–saying that ‘these are people who won’t be able to afford it.’ You know, we’ve got Republicans on the ‘other side’ making that case. I don’t like CNN makin’ that case…"


(I've got the video at the link above but if someone find a Youtube version, please add/post it!)

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That is so funny!

The Msm cherry picking stories!!!! Hahaha...




The real issue.

Anybody in their right mind knew this was not going to work out of the gate. But it has been made law and has been implemented so now what they will do now is try to FIX IT instead of repealing it.

The feeble attempts at repealing this law were merely gestures because we all knew there would be no repeal as long as Obama is president.

And how much do you want to bet that if a Republican wins the presidency and Republicans take control of the Senate, as well as the House, that there will still be no repeal of this law? Any takers?

As far as these guys go, this is all for show. I would like to see the report that this conversation is all about to see just how they worded their interpretations of these anecdotal stories. Many times the news reports on an opposing view but in a way that encourages a stance that is supportive.

This should never have become law and should be repealed on the grounds that, first and foremost, people should not be required to buy a product.

But what is the real issue and why will this not go away? What is it that has enslaved a nation? What is it that is taken for granted by these reporters, every politician and 99% of the people in this country that makes this legislation possible?

It is the belief that everyone puts their Faith in the established health care. Many put down religion but when you think about it a persons beliefs are his/her religion. This law is unconstitutional because it destroys religious freedom. And forces the Faith of the majority on everyone.

But then again that is what Democracy is all about and perhaps the biggest religious fallacy there is.