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Fukushima fear mongering is unfounded. Nuclear power is the safest, cleanest form of energy we have.

I've seen it reported that the amount of radioactive water being poured into the ocean is 30,000 tons per day. If this were true, which its not, then it would take approximately 137,000 years for this accident to contaminate a whopping one percent of the ocean. The actual number is close to 300 tons per day...so really it would take 13,700,000 years to contaminate the ocean 1 percent.

By the way, 300 tons per day is the equivalent of 16 common garden hoses pouring into the ocean. It would take seven or eight days for this leak to fill an Olympic size swimming pool.

Cesium is water soluble so the radioactivity is quickly diluted by the 1.3 billion cubic kilometers of sea water in the ocean. One nuclear reactor cannot contaminate the entire Earth. They all said we were going to die when Chernobyl happened too. You should be more worried about the nuclear bombs they test within and near the US.

Fact of the matter is, nuclear power has a 60-year safety rating that is impeccable and cannot be touched by any other form of energy production. The official death toll due to nuclear power in its 60-year history is less than 100,000 people. 90,000 people died in one accident, the Chernobyl accident. Let's compare that to the number of people who have died from our use of fossil fuels. 2 million people died this year alone from pollution created by fossil fuels. It would take 25 partial meltdowns per year in order for nuclear power to create that kind of death toll. Granted, a nuclear accident is a horrible thing for those that are nearby when it happens...but it happens so rarely that the death toll is really insignificant when you consider the amount of energy that is produced. In fact, per kilowatt hour of energy produced, nuclear power is safer than both wind and solar power. Solar and wind plants have to be built high off the ground and people die just maintaining and cleaning them. Windmills kill millions of birds every year. Solar panels are made with mercury and heavy metals that will eventually end up in our landfills and our ground water. All energy comes at a cost, but nuclear power has a 60-year safety rating that cannot be touched. The statistics don't lie.

Thorium reactors can be built that are physically impossible to melt down. They can also be used to burn up all the radioactive waste we have created so far...which is the biggest problem that nuclear power presents. They could reduce the amount of radioactive waste we have currently by factors of hundreds. Thorium is between 3&4 times more abundant than uranium and could last us for thousands of years.

YOUTUBE: 5 minute video thorium reactor

And no...I'm not a paid government shill.

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lol WOW you dont understand what bio magnification is do you? u seem to have like 1/3 the facts. it doesn't matter if the ocean was 50 billion cubic kilometers in volume. this isn't basic 1+1 math. i do like the idea of the thorium reactors over our uranium ones anyway. but dude 13 million years to contaminate the ocean? so there's no currents or dilution or water really have to get rid of air currents as well, there's no way i can think of to alter the components of the planet and physics that would make that right.

and melt downs are not created equal so u cant assume that 1 meltdown = 90,000 deaths and then compare that to indirect death caused by pollution in oh so many forms.

lastly before my head explodes if cesium wasn't water soluble that would make it way way wayyyyyy safer. water soluble means that it can easily be absorbed by tissues like say fish or maybe humans where it can then emit all sorts of fun highly charged particle that will then split molecules and rip electrons off atoms in our body causing otherwise stable molecules in our body to start wildly bonding in crazy and deadly ways.

please for the daily pauls sake do more research.
go here
pay special attention to page 4 "ionizing radiation"

i live in Washington and right now i cant decide whats more worrisome
tepco fucking around with fukishima in the hopes they can reopen it someday or the government large jackboot growing ever so closer to crushing us all. any notice everyone in Washington seems glowy lately? hmmmm.

sorry for being mean.


Actually the study they did around Chernobyl shows that...

...the water in areas surrounding the plant had much lower levels of cesium 137 then the air did because cesium is water soluble.

The bluefin tuna they tested that is slightly higher than normal because of the accident at Fukushima gives you a dosage that is only 5 percent of eating a non contaminated banana. there are naturally occurring radioactive isotopes (polonium 210) that are also in the bluefin tuna body that are 600 times more radioactive than the cesium.

water soluble materials diluted by billions of cubic kilometers of seawater do not show up in high concentrations.. this is why it is a good situation that it happened on the east shore of the island of Japan. The ocean will take care of most of it.

If nuclear energy is so clean and efficient,

why is it it can't exist in a free market, without subsidies and special protections? Legalize industrial hemp, end all connection between energy and the state, and see how it sorts out. Honestly, if nuclear is so great, how come it has to be shoved down our throat by politicians?

Nuclear is not as heavily subsidized as oil..

..coal or natural gas. All forms of energy are subsidized. Nuclear is the LEAST subsidized of all the forms of energy per kilowatt hour of energy produced.

What about the "fossil" fuel theory?

do you STILL believe in it?

Do I believe that nuclear power is...

...safer and cleaner than fossil fuels?

Hell yes. And the death tolls prove it.

Do I believe that billions of people would die if we suddenly didn't have cheap energy?

Hell yes. Because it's the truth.

Do I believe that nuclear power is the future of energy production, otherwise we're going to have serious problems down the road?

Hell yes.

that was NOT the question.

do you understand what would happen if I invented a box that could set outside your house and provide 200 amps?

do you REALLY STILL think "fossil" fuels come from fossils? (biotic)

was the question.

In other, simple, words

how many dinosaur bones would it take to produce all of the oil?

okay.. I give.

so where do fossil fuels come from?

I think the question was

are they 'fossil' fuels?

To be honest, I haven't looked into it that much...

I have heard that they aren't what they say they are. And that they regenerate so we will never run out. other than that I'm not sure what you're talking about.

does this change the number of people who die breathing in pollution created by burning them?

you were the one wanting to talk about energy.

what do you know about "burning" them?
and btw. "burning" is the creation of Plasma.

properly "burning" Methane does NOT create anything toxic at all.

my bad, methane is natural gas.


Natural gas will last us between 100 and...

...and 250 years. Thorium will last us thousands and is just as clean and safe.

you still haven't explained...

...about "fossil" fuels.

Please read this

Another user that lives in Washington state just added to our previous debate about credible sources:


If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

send this boy

over there for some up close and personal testimony
FukyBomb for a ticket!

I've already put my hand on a nuclear reactor pressure vessel...

I was a nuclear trained electrician on board a submarine. We had to go in the reactor compartment once to do maintenance on a small pump. There was a small area that wasn't too hot where I could stand and reach over and touch the reactor itself. So I did it.

That was well over 20 years ago... And I'm still here.

I think since I've already done it, you should have the chance. Let's send you over there instead.

Is it me?

or does this web site feel like it is constantly being infiltrated by trolls and RINOs lately? It's getting harder to know who is for real, who is a newcomer, and who is just spreading misinformation or stuff that has nothing to do with libertarian philosophy.

If energy companies were forced to be smaller (anti-trust law enforcement, which waved bye bye decades ago), then Fukishima would never have been a problem. Small companies care more about their capital. Big companies have a tendency to think of their vast amounts of capital as just line items, not actual people with moral worth.

We need more decentralized power with the power companies so there will be better stewardship of responsibility.

Im all for a free market

But in a free market we would be unlikely to have a nuclear reactor anywhere. Its only because the government forces us to pay for both their creation, their maintenance and in the case of an emergency their cleanup even a single reactor has ever been built. Then we get to pay for its operational costs through our electric bills. No one would have risked their personal funds on something with as high a direct dangerous and costly toll associated with a possible meltdown.

see this site... its got some interesting info for those who think that nuclear is clean or cheap.


Quote from Ron Paul...

"I think nuclear power is very, very dangerous, but I think it's the safest form of energy we have."

Is Ron Paul also a troll...or government shill? Because he doesn't agree with you either.

I love the man

but on this point.... he was wrong. It is not the safest form of energy we have. Clean coal (remember how bad diesels once were... now more efficient and clean than any gas car could dream of) is a good choice. Mixing multiple resources as we currently do but excluding nuclear. The truth is, power is going to have costs... oil, gas, coal, and the like are bad but not as directly dangerous as something that creates waste so bad that unless its kept contained and cooled for effectively ever or its an immediate and significant radiological event.


And I've been a member of this site longer than you have...

...and I knew about Ron Paul in 88 when he ran as the libertarian candidate.

Someone is a troll because they have a different opinion than you?

I guess we should all fall in lock-step and believe every fear mongering doom and gloom story that comes out. Very libertarian of you.

I personally look at the stats. The stats usually tell the story. Nuclear is safer than anything else for the amount of energy produced.

I think the issues are many

and some would say that we need to be more responsible with our handling of the earth. I'm more worried about cancer and contaminated food than a huge disaster, which may happen in the future as it takes decades to shut this thing down. This power plant also is an easy target should there be any wars in that region. Of course, any nuclear power plant could be an easy target if there is a war.

This could not fall on deafer ears

Posting something about the benefits of modern science on this site is like preaching Hindu to Catholics.

I up voted you..

...even if no one else did.


I did for your OP too

not true

were backlashing against this post because not a single word of it is accurate, except that liquid thorium reactors are cool. maybe you can preach to me how ionizing radiation or bio-magnification work?


Hhhmmmm....Not a single word is accurate.

Well, then you should be able to go down the original post line by line and word by word and refute everything that I have said.


Why would I preach to you how

Why would I preach to you how they work? The mere existence of ionizing ration isn't scary to me. And biomagnification doesn't seem so scary either. The ocean is full of nasty crap, that doesn't mean we're all dead. Just because it looks scary in Japan doesn't mean that it is. However, if it looks scary, this site and alex jones types WILL BE AFRAID!


Just put your head back in the sand. Tell yourself whatever it is that makes you feel safe. Use falsehoods to tell yourself everything is aok. Fear is the reason your not listening, not the other way around. Knowing the truth about things does not make me feel afraid, instead I feel empowered.

You are right, we are not dead. We can still make a difference... but not if we go ignorantly along. That accomplishes nothing.