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Why I Like Ted Cruz - Truth Hurts Don't It? Stay in Front of Immigration Debate!


As the Media, you know all the talking heads on CNBC, MSNBC, ZNN, ABC, and CBS, demonizes Ted Cruz and those ...those... those Tea Partiers....
bear in mind, this video exemplifies why I appreciate Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas.

Stay out in front with this one. Spread it everywhere. Because when Obummer runs and hides and tries to dodge the Obamacare Debacle, he'll be ready to move on to his next agenda that will help sack America in all his Trojan Horse ways....and that will be Immigration.

Listen to the part where 44 out of more than 48,000 gun crimes with regards to illegal aliens, prosecuting ZERO. They have turned their backs on the law regarding felons and fugitives and illegal aliens.

And at the same time they want to take Americans guns away?

Talk about hypocrisy. I'd be embarrassed to be a Democrat, not that I would be overly proud to be a Republican.

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The video was about prosecuting felons

who tried to purchase firearms. Did you get the right link?

Did you even watch the entire

Did you even watch the entire video? It discusses illegal aliens and the thousands and thousands of cases where they tried to purchase guns illegally, and I believe Ted Cruz brought to light that the DEA and Obama Admin has refused to prosecutore a SINGLE CASE.

Was your post a sad attempt at spin to deflect the real issues of immigration and crime?

Come back, ya here.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Yes....why yes, I did

Yes....why yes, I did

Be Your Own Media!!!

Sorry Woodman.

I understand you're going to think this is somewhat shallow, and I'm sure you already knew this, but Ted Cruz's wife works for Goldman Sachs.


I'm not saying Ted Cruz is having secret deals with GoldmanSucks, but does he discuss the business practices that go on there with his wife?

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

bump.... neg 14 (to me) (and


neg 14 (to me) (and others accuse me of assuming a great deal...) indicates the infiltrators and the hate filled liberals that found the DP!!!

Be Your Own Media!!!


that must be the problem


The federal government has no

The federal government has no business regulating immigration. Leave it to the states.

Southern Agrarian

Why I loathe Ted Cruz...

and hope I never hear his name again.

Uncle99B stated it perfectly:

"Cruz was against Hagel because his AIPAC masters told him to be so. Pretty damn simple"

Aside that he is not eligible, I will NEVER support cruz for president.

hagel broke down too, btw. Grrrr

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

The Establishment is scared of Cruz

Real scared. There is no reason for this post to be downvoted. I sense establishment trolls. I understand the dislike for Goldman Sachs. But she's not on the board of directors not on the executive committee, not even the management committee.

Ted Cruz is the real deal. Comments on here are saying the filibuster was bad? Are you shitting me? That just gave a huge boost to the Republicans in light of the disaster.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

The greatest growth in the USA

Was in the 19th and early 20th centuries. At those times the USA pretty much had open borders. If you want to shut the country off to new ideas and talent then I feel sorry for you. You are all scared they are going to bankrupt us but the only reason that is an issue is because of the government and not the immigrants. Don't blame the immigrants blame the government. The greatest accomplishments of mankind have not come under the guise of government so why are we limiting ourselves. Anyone for closed borders has a closed mind and has bought into the government running our lives.

And gov spending as % of the economy was 4%

Now it's at least 50% if not greater when you count contracts, subcontracts and the services that contractors and subcontractors to the government buy, federal, state and local.

So, was the prosperity CAUSED by open immigration? No. Correlated? Yes. But correlation is not causation.

Industry built the USA in the 1800's

You gotta remember industry built the USA in the 1800's and not the government so the fact is unchanged. Without the immigrants we would be another 3rd world country.

like him or not, I don't

like him or not, I don't think someone born in Canada should be able to be the POTUS.

I find this sad

So by a fault not of your own choosing you are disqualified. You could be the most qualified person but your parents had this misfortune of being across some man made line when you were born. I am sorry but you are a sad person for bringing this up. We need great ideas and patriotism does not come from lines drawn up from men. It comes from inside a person :D

And you also believe Obama

And you also believe Obama should be able to be president even if he was born in Kenya?


Are you even serious? The only reason you get a response is because I found this funny. I see you have been here for 3 months so I would assume you are a teaturd neocon but I could be wrong. I hate to assume things but you are leaving me no choice here. I am not a fan of Obama one bit but if he was Qualified and born in Kenya (which he is not qualified) I would have not problem with it

Please don't laugh at this subject.

There are serious concerns about Obama's birth certificate. Also, no one has really given us an explanation as to why Obama carries a Connecticut SS# if he says he was born in Hawaii.

And calling people names isn't necessary. You can simply state why you disagree and maybe provide some sources. Ask your "opponent" to do the same but you lose credibility when you start name calling. Hence, the down votes, which I'm sure you don't care about anyway.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

no, serious question. if he

no, serious question. if he were born in Kenya, you would have no objection to his being president? I am just wondering if your idea is across the board or just applies to some countries/parties/people? I think you have a legitimate argument, I just happen to disagree.

I would have no problem with it

I am sorry if I misjudged you. I don't think a birthplace should disqualify anyone.

I see your point and in a

I see your point and in a theoretical world I agree that man made borders are arbitrary nonsense. I just also believe that the greatest threat America will ever face is from the inside and therefore we must make sure that the person who is in control of the military self-identifies as only American. Unfortunately that does preclude some truly patriotic Americans from holding the office, including myself. To my current line of thinking it just seems a necessary safeguard but I welcome an attempt to change my mind through sound logic.

So if Ron Paul were from Germany or Wherever

You would just shut him out? I know it's hypothetical but would you let where he was born get in the way of a true leader? It's hard to get into the mindset to think about this but what would you really do?

Well, it's hard to say

Well, it's hard to say because he probably wouldn't have ever been in the same position and because he is such a staunch believer in the constitution I don't think he would believe that he himself could be president, but... Yeah, I think he could be a great leader but that a German shouldn't control the American military. I can say that for myself I predominantly identify as American but that there is also a hint of identifying as something else. I think that humanity needs to evolve a bit before we will be ready to abandon the treaty of Westphalia.

All I can say is

There is no Utopia but some options are better than ohters :D

well i can say that i

well i can say that i appreciate your open mindedness and anti-xenophobic views. good chat friend.

sad boo hoo or sad

sad boo hoo or sad pathetic?/sarc
i disagree on all fronts. you can be a great person and as patriotic as the next. You could rise to be almost anything in this country, but i definitely side with the constitution on this and draw the line at becoming the commander of the entire American military.

Many of the Founding Fathers

That wrote the constitution and served in the first government were not even born in the USA. So why would you even listen to these evil foreign invaders? Or is it the fact that these men had great ideas and where they were born is irrelevant?

you're right. there were 9

you're right. there were 9 commonly accepted "founding fathers" that were not born in America. None of them became president. I'm not saying they shouldn't be able to be senators or judges or whatever else, just not the president.

Always a pleasure to provide a downvote in Cruz's name

I thought the liberty movement got over this guy. He's a Bush lackey. And he sounds like a pompous turd.


Hey look a hate filled

Hey look a hate filled Liberal! What is this, learned behavior? What you learn this from Chuck Shumer? Or do you get your Group Think elsewhere? CNN? MSNBC? What? Rachel Maddow?

Be Your Own Media!!!