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Man Who Toppled Utah Rock Formation Pens Apology, Calls Self "Outrage Distraction Of The Week"


my new article. takes critical look at what we focus on (trivialities) and what we ignore (atrocities. If you like it please share it. Satire.

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late night bump

late night bump

Another good piece

Thanks Dan. Great ending. As someone who gets distracted easily, I like how you always stay on topic, even while talking of distractions

thank you very much!

thank you very much!

The MSM is a waste of space.

I missed the video and the false contempt that went with it but, I enjoyed the honest apology. I'm sorry you had to learn the Internet will bite you back over such a stupid reason. But look at the bright side. You received your fifteen minutes of fame and MTV is always looking for another jackass.

I enjoy nature and the wilderness just as much as the next man but, if there is one thing Utah does not need anymore of it's unusual rock formations. That being said? I have never understood the vandal. I like to create things. So the act of destruction does not come naturally.

Like God I too like the fool. For without them a guy like me would never laugh.

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The Man may be Brilliant

To see through his own situation and realize the opportunity to give perspective to his persecutors is brilliant.

I haven't seen the rock tumbling video and don't need to.

His 'apology' statement is significant.

if only!!

if only!!

Saw that video. To tell the

Saw that video. To tell the truth, it looked like a majority of the stuff the rock was resting on was dirt and lose stone. One good flash flood or downpour probably would have toppled it.
With that said, he should have known better than to do this to begin with.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.