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The US cannot brush off charges of unlawful killings, claiming it is merely protecting US interests

1. The legal question
The US stands accused of unlawful killing in several documented incidents, on the basis of first-hand witness evidence and official statements. The number of such incidents, in both countries, suggests they are are not "one-offs" but part of a systematic policy that appears inherently illegal.

2. The strategic question
US drone strikes have reportedly been effective in eliminating individuals plotting attacks against the US and its allies. But the negative impact on local and international opinion of the Sarar attacks (2012) and al-Majalah (2009) attacks in Yemen, for example, when dozens of civilians died, and of numerous similar attacks in Waziristan, was significant and may actually have served to strengthen support for extremists.

3. The moral question
Last but not least, the strikes raise a moral question: by what right do the US president and his subordinates take it upon themselves to end the lives of those who oppose American policy and values?


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Re: Drone Killings

Not to mention, the U.S. government dismisses the fact that many a civilian is killed due to collateral damage. Who says they get to decide?

It's shameful!