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New branch of government...

There should be a fourth branch of government whose sole purpose is to spot and eradicate corruption within the government.

This branch should be composed of a minimum of 4 randomly chosen members of the adult population within each state. Two to monitor state and local affairs, and two to moniter federal affairs (one for two senators and one for every 10 members of the house). The time of service is 4 years and then a new lottery will be held and new individuals will be sworn in to protect the constitution.

This body's collective power is to impeach individuals who continually go against their oath of office. This body also has the power to veto any unconstitutional law, as well as to strike a previously passed law that is unconstitutional from the books.

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This is the purpose of common law grand juries

as stated by the US Supreme Court. In fact, in US v Williams, Justice Scalia even stated that common law grand juries are effectively a fourth branch of the government left entirely up to the people.

Yeah, I know what we know in modern times as grand juries aren't really working out -- they're puppet juries for the D.A's agenda. There's a big difference between what we have and what we're supposed to have.

We just need to learn how to be "the People" again.


I think that was covered in the 2nd ammendment


You can add checks and balances as much as you want

You can add checks and balances as much as you want but it still comes down to corrupt people taking those spots and finding ways around them, adding laws does not add stability to a broken system.

Good thinking though, I've been through this stage as well :)

Although I do think a citizen police force should be responsible for police corruption in EVERY city a government run police force exists. Kinda like a neighborhood watch that watches the police.

The PSP is kinda what I had in mind, so Antonio is on the right track. I think he lets his emotions go to far though, he sees corruption in people just because they are cops.


I think that any police officer that kills someone for any reason should have to face an automatic grand jury trial. If they are right let the jury say so, it would make the police department look above reproach.