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November 1st Food Stamps Being Cut!

47 million food stamp recipients to have their benefits cut Nov.1st.
Brace for impact.

Article on The American Dream


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$11 dollars.

I don't think a cut of $11.00 per person will incite riots and martial law.

Inflation was & is

Inflation was & is continually cutting food stamps. So let me guess the food industry received subsidies to brace for these cuts in food stamps?

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With so many benign and useless things they could cut, it seems obvious that they are going to pick a target that will seem the most harmful, scary, life threatening, cruel, sadistic, etc., that they can to show what a horror less government is.

It's to scare people. Terrorism.

Hopefully there will be some groundswelling burst of charity like there was after 9/11, Katrina, etc., where the voluntary food drive makes the food stamp program laughable.

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Don't you just LOVE communism???

1st you feed them, then you starve them, then you shoot some and jail a few more as a lesson to the rest, and then the fat cats live the high life whilst "we the people" slave for them.

I see lot of people at

I see lot of people at highway exits holding poster saying that they are unemployed and homeless and anything will help. Some even say that they will do any work including lawn mowing, trash clearing etc..

Unfortunately you cannot employ them at below the current minimum wage. I am not sure how safe the labor black market is, but for the average person employing them under minimum wage is a big risk.

Hah. I would not talk hourly.

Hah. I would not talk hourly. I would offer them x amount of money to do a job. How long it takes them is not your problem. Besides, no w-9 is ever required until you have paid them $600. ALSO, minimum wage is not required unless you have over 3 employees. I know that because someone called the feds on me once and they told me I was fine. I need not mention that if you pay cash there is no proof of anything, either.


I agree about wage for job rather than hours. Too many years working against deadlines and estimating effort in man-hours made me not see this from that point-of-view. This is an awesome argument against minimum-wage.

Employers has got a job to be done that he is ready to pay X dollars. He doesn't care how many people or how many hours it takes to do the job. He doesn't force people to work below minimum wage, but it could be the labor's decision.

An online example would be Amazon Mechanical Turk, where business can post work (that cannot be solved by machines but need human intervention) and people can pick-up work and complete them. There is no guarantee of a minimum wage or any such thing

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The cynic in me wonders...

It perhaps reduces a criminal's expense, to case their victims' houses by simply standing on a high-traffic location.

"Lawn mowing" and "trash clearing" are both done at the Good Samaritan's home.

And it is generally not the poor who hire people to help them.

Thus, this seems a good way to find the houses of the rich. (Of course, Zillow, Redfin, Loopnet, etc. are also good ways, without needing to stand in the elements. But then again, this way gives face time, and opportunity to see the outside, if not the inside, more closely than the images on those web sites.)

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I am not sure if this a

I am not sure if this a worthy (time-wise etc) strategy for thieves.

Not all (rich) people have cash or precious-metals in their home. Its all about credit-cards and credit-rating these days. Also the presumption that 'humans are inherently evil' is at the basis of communist class definition and manifests as 'irrational' hate between rich and poor people.

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I think you're right

I recall when I was visiting Florida, there was a report on the radio about the newcaster trying to help someone who was holding a sign. She said she'd feed him, and then would pay him $10/hour to help her with some yard work (this was mid-90s dollars). She took him to McDonald's, bought him a meal, and said she would be back in an hour to pick him up.

As she was leaving, she watched him get up, throw away the uneaten meal, and go back to his station, panhandling.

She went to ask him why he did that, and he said he makes over twice that standing right here, so why would he want to sweat for half?

Was the story true? Good question, as I tend to question everything that happened (and which gave me direction) prior to my awakening.

I'm not certain of your last sentence. You seem to be accusing me of communist thinking. That's not the case; I can percieve risk without being classist or racist, thankyouverymuch. (Not saying my perception of risk is always accurate, but it's not based on irrational hatred like you stated.)

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

Sorry about that, I'm not

Sorry about that, I'm not accusing you of communist thinking. Just wanted to mention that if we assess risk/people based on 'humans are inherently evil' assumption, then it would get us nowhere. I, of course, cannot know how you asses the risk but wanted to make sure it is not based on the same precepts that communists use.

did you see this?

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Priority Check.

If I told this woman she needed a Priorty Check...
she would want to know how much it's for and where to cash it.

I don't expect much compassion from zombies.
What an incredibly insensitive, self serving zombie this woman is.

Sometimes I can be insensitive also.
As when I say this, "Do I really have to share the same air as this...this...creature?"

Her moral compass is broken.

Exercise Liberty, morality and compassion.

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The Constitution Stands.

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and John Boehner is real proud of himself for making those cuts...he is getting tough on the spending. Of course John still found the billions of dollars for the MIC and the NSA's new multi billion dollar facility out in Utah...so they can spy on us some more.

Absolutely pitiful.

Be ready to open your hearts

Be ready to open your hearts and pockets. I know a lot of good people who are struggling right now and are working hard to get back on their feet.

oh oh lol

Preparations are being made ;) ....



Those of you not barricading your homes should join us...

leading the angry mobs to the homes and offices of members of Congress, the Senate and all employees of the Department of Homeland Security, and those at USDA and local politicians who have banned private growing of food as well as all officers of Federal Reserve banks. Bring your whips and neckties.

My two cents. I think those

My two cents. I think those on government assistance should have to at least do my yard work. I have a lot of leaves to rake and since my taxes are going to pay for their phones and food then the least they could do is give back and help a little.

My unemployed niece

was on food stamps. She had to do 40 hours community service a week to qualify. Thank God she now has 2 part time jobs and is almost able to live. I'm really happy for you if you have NEVER needed help. A lot of people want to work and cannot find a job. My niece is a perfect example of someone wanting to work and taking 2 part time jobs to try to survive and not be "a burden" to all the great taxpayers! Many like to judge without considering the circumstances!

Formerly rprevolutionist

I have needed help more than once, but I don't go to the

government for it. I'm glad your niece is willing to work, but it doesn't change the fact that food stamps are paid for with STOLEN money.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

is that supposed to be funny?

that kind of talk doesn't do anything to help with the image problem conservatives and libertarians have.

I've witnessed more so than

I've witnessed more so than not way too many people who abuse the system and have no intention of working and have never earned a cent. I don't apologize for being brutally honest. The system is broken and doesn't work. I'd bet most of them wouldn't mooch off the tax payers dollars if they had to work for it.

I was wondering when the SNAP

computers went down, if the government was really doing a dry run to see what would happen.

Congress heading to Florida,

Congress heading to Florida, and this? And the SC nuke thing too? Yikes.

It's about time!

I can't wait to see the outcry! I might just laugh!

When a mother buys

her 7 month old son $100 air jordan's, and he isn't even walking yet.... she definitely does not need food stamps. True story.

-Matthew Good

Even Obama

Obama said that the new healthcare "marketplaces" will bring healthcare costs down to the same cost as your cellphone or cable bill. So, you have to get subsidized healthcare, but you can afford a cellphone and cable tv. Probably can afford those only because of SNAP. What a country.


Yup see this sh*t all too often- Both momma and baby decked out in overpriced name brand gear while paying for chips/soda/candy with EBT cards.

They should replace EBT with

They should replace EBT with community gardens. You work in the garden a certain number of hours a week and you get some of the produce from the garden to eat.

I know someone who drives a Nissan Murano and tried to get on the SNAP program... pitiful.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Ah, but if they are working in a community garden

They tend to get that "I'm too independent" attitude, can't have that in the empire of lies.