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Ron Paul Interview with Glenn Beck

Ron Paul was on with Glenn Becks show the blaze today. Does anyone have the link to the video of the full interview? If so please post it.

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Ron Paul

ROn Paul is the man

Thank you eduardo89

Paul, has so much integrety. And he never backs down from principle.




Anyone that has a Blaze account please record the interview and share it here. These are just small clips.


You are posting to a site that emerged because of Ron Paul's message.

And that message didn't include Idol Worship.

Champion Ron Paul's Message, not Him or Glenn Beck.

Wow, the 4 downvotes must have come by


Watch it and LEARN what you have LOST.

Thank you, I actually spent the time to watch this, and I retract and understand the downvotes. And I didn't see Glenn Beck. That was a pleasure.

tube it.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Good for Glenn. If we like it or not, he has a big audience

and it is only a good thing if he has more volunturists on his show.

I am no fan of Glenn, but there is no reason to bash him every chance we get. If he does something that's favorable to us, we should give him props.

Garan's picture

Half-Liberty In-Roads

Don't hate the in-roads to full-on liberty.

People don't have to like Glenn Beck, yet his angle (from what little I've been exposed to) is better than some.

Don't discourage the babies, let them make the baby steps.

..and maybe they will wander into the land of freedom lovers.

I see you are New here conalmc

Fuck Glenn Beck and subscribe to

Turn OFF your TV. Forget about the morons.

I don't need a reason... Fuck

I don't need a reason... Fuck Beck.

Thank you for the link


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I watched it on the blaze using my Roku player but I don't have a way to post it.

Anyway...I think it's very important that Beck is showing Libertarian leanings... he is building a news/entertainment network that looks to be rivaling the major networks in the near future - the Blaze is online and already on dish. All of the current networks are locked down to democrat or republican. Beck is doing this with considerable resistance from his closest friends. But..He is an extremely bright man and I think he can convince them; although it won't be easy. He has millions of listeners/followers/subscribers and is nearing the point where he can tip an election. We would be wise, I think, to work with him.

Roku... buddy has it, pretty sweet... Anyone remember Boku?

... the juice drink, in the box?


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Fuck Glenn Beck

That bastard has been nothing but a shill to destroy American Principles.




Sorry, just got done listening to a bunch of Michael Scheuer. Beck is a schill for the Israel lobby. Period. He will not endorse Rand or any other libertarian for that matter, if they dont bow down to AIPAC.