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Glenn Beck Interviews Ron Paul (8/22/2013)

Former Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul appeared on TheBlaze TV Tuesday to speak with Glenn Beck about his work to advance homeschooling through the Ron Paul Curriculum, in addition to the state of the country and the feasibility of a third party.

Speaking about his new book, “The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System,” Paul explained: “We have a broken system, and we have to offer them something else. Homeschooling’s been around for a while…but most people now, and it’s not just conservatives…realize the system isn’t working.”

Everything from violence in schools to the fact that many have to be re-taught how to write and spell when they get to college, Paul said, indicates that the system is “very much broken.” But it goes beyond that, he said.

“I want to have a curriculum that talks about the freedom philosophy, and people thinking along these terms, and have a different perspective on history…and economics,” Dr. Paul remarked. “To change the atmosphere with the idea of getting young people prepared either to go to college, or start their own business.”

Beck agreed, and said he believes the public school system is forcing Americans into a box where we all have to think the same way and at the same pace. But he also noted that many parents may be intimidated by the prospect of homeschooling their children.

“If I had to sit down and explain physics at this moment, I’d have to work at it,” Paul admitted in response. “[But] it’s not like the parent has to know every single thing … There will be lectures on the Internet, and communication among the students.”


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I went ahead and subscribed

I went ahead and subscribed to the Blaze to view the RP interview. I also bought myself a trusty Glenn Beck blue hat.


It's a red hat.

~ What a shame! Huh?

~ What a shame! Huh?
~ If Glenn Beck just refrained from maligning Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 his vast audience MAY have supported Ron Paul for president.
~ If Glenn Beck actually set aside his blood lust for the Global War FOR Terror and actually Supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 we might be living in a more prosperous, more peaceful and more free country today.
~ Those are valid reasons pertaining to the resentment Freedom loving Ron Paul supporters have for Glenn Beck even to this day.
~ I speak for my self and I believe I am right when I say that Glenn Beck still displays the symptoms of a "dry drunk". One who goes on egotistical "power drives" that destroy the lives of those around the drunk.
~ With a massive media platform a dry drunk can have a devastating effect.
~ And Glenn Beck has (as they say in AA) "Done the Research".
~ Forgiveness and Acceptance are not the same.
~ I forgive Glenn Beck for aiding and abetting Obama's election and re-election.
~ But I sure as hell don't accept it. And I'll never trust a dry drunk. Never.

for those who don't care to give Glen the traffic


Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Vintage paul!

I enjoyed the dialog because it was clear concise, civil and meaningful..

Thanks for posting..


I was very proud of The

I was very proud of The Boss.
As for Mr Beck, he was preoccupied with the impending birth of a grandchild and had to leave the interview early. However, the fact that he devoted the entire hour to this shows a substantial shift for him.
Mr Paul performed flawlessly, and defended Individualism, as always!

Fuck Glenn Beck

He only has people on his show to make money and adorn himself.

And I know Ron Paul, I would NEVER address him as 'the boss'.

He and I know that Ideas are way bigger than people. Glenn Beck hasn't come close to understanding that yet.

I don't believe making money is an evil thing.

Quite the opposite.
"The Boss" is a term of endearment. The fact that Mr Paul would never look for that title is what makes it so.

I have listened to and watched Mr Beck for almost all of his national career. Never have I seen a man self educate and come as far as he has ideologically while dragging loyal followers with him. I still get angry with his collectivist tendencies, but they grow fewer every day.

You are simplifying things!

Yes, I can agree with you many times: 'Fuck, Beck!' For example, I wrote those same words as my comment headline as you did now in yours when Beck was absolutely rudely trashing RP for his famous Chris Kyle comment. And definitely 'Fuck, Beck!' when he calls RP supporters potential terrorists, or accuses Debra Medina's campaign staffers to be truthers and asking if she is also a truther in order to trash her gubernatorial campaign and the list goes on and on.

But if Beck has Ron Paul or Judge Napolitano or somebody else on his show for an hour long interview I don't say 'Fuck Beck!'. (Every Beck-Paul Interview post has your Fuck-comment.) Beck has many listeners and its great that they will once in the while hear some good ideas from these people. There are people here in DP (I don't belong to them myself btw) who have been in love with Beck and then heard, for example, the Judge on his show and understood that the real thing is somewhere else to be found than from Beck-show, but Beck was a door for them to find something else. Okay, this might pretty much not be what Mr. Beck himself is looking for, but as they say the Lord's ways are mysterious.

So even if Beck's show is perhaps only money making machine, then again even that can once in a while create something good like an hour of RP speaking to people who rarely hear anything from him especially now when he is not anymore in the headlines. This interview which I have only seen few clips of is for example GREAT for RP's book sales on his Homeschooling book. And nobody forced him to appear on Glenn's show. RP is there as he knows also that Beck has a huge audience. So things are not so simple as just 'Fuck Beck!'

And by the way in one of your fuck-comments you made that old slur that as somebody has been here only a year they cannot say anything smart. I hate that. I think conalmc's comment was well thought of as he wrote:

"If we like it or not, he has a big audience, and it is only a good thing if he has more volunturists on his show.
I am no fan of Glenn, but there is no reason to bash him every chance we get. If he does something that's favorable to us, we should give him props."

And you reply to him: "I see you are New here conalmc. Fuck Glenn Beck"

You said in your comment that you "know Ron Paul", but you don't seem to know at all why he is going to Glenn Beck's show. He goes there to spread those Ideas that are "bigger than people". So "thank you Beck!" whatever your motives are that you gave Ron Paul a chance to spread those IDEAS. So who cares if "Glenn Beck hasn't come close to understanding that yet."

And finally if somebody has been a member of DP for longer than somebody else that does not give that person automatically some wisdom. So what you wrote to conalmc shows that you haven't "come close to understanding that yet." So in a sense you and Glenn are in the same boat; in "The Boat of Imperfect Understanding". But don't worry that you have to travel with Beck alone as the boat is full of people with Imperfect Understanding. Most of the people travel in this boat including myself, but at the same time it is important to understand/to know in which boat one actually is travelling in as if one doesn't really know, but still thinks he knows there might be some huge "unintended consequences" of which one dude who I would neither call 'the boss' has warned people quite often.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--